April 2013 to April 2019

It is with a heavy heart that I write this note. The time has come to close coinforum.ca.

When I created this forum 6 years ago it was a special space that was needed for the Canadian Bitcoin community. The times are different. I think now the space has matured to a point this forum is no longer needed, and to be 100% honest and transparent my passion to run this forum is also gone.

I am still proud to have outlasted many that have gone, but now it's my time to leave the scene as well and a new generation to take it's place.

Thank you everyone for helping me create such an amazing space.

Good luck to you all in your future crypto adventures and thanks for sharing your journey with me!

Your crypto buddy,


p.s. Please don't contact me to buy this domain or the content. It is not for sale.