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  • Mining equipment

    $300 won't go far. It will get you a MoBo ($100- 120), a CPU ( $80-100), Ram ( $80-100). Need about $900 for a single GPU rig built with an nVidia 1060.... or about $2700 to 2800 for a 6 GPU rig. (Ya most are building with nVidia GPUs now.... instead of AMD GPUs.)
  • What is the best wallet to use for keeping my Bitcoin safe?

    Trezor is good wallet and really safe...
  • My terribly negative experience with Quadriga. Management closes my account.

    3 weeks and no response, that doesn't seem accurate. Did you create a ticket using the Support Centre located along the site's top navigation? If you entered a typo in your DOB during the registration process then you won't be able to reset your PIN, Admin will have to update your DOB it manually, additional documentation may be requested.
    Hey Duane, you're right: that doesn't seem accurate. lol. at all.


    I made some errors.

    To be fair, these errors were helped along by QuadrigaCX's very very poor UX, but support (I actually got a human response on Oct 9th!) tells me this is gonna be fixed.

    So what happened was: I actually created the PIN during setup process but didn't remember I had done so, thought it was assigned by Quadriga. I thought that because my "verify by Equifax" had failed and the other verification process was still ongoing (by the way, that process DID take a very long time, ~2weeks, with no feedback during).

    So even though I tried the PIN I created it didn't work (due to not being verified, I guess), leading me to believe it was a Quadriga-supplied PIN and not one I created.

    Anyways, problem solved, I got my money, and actually got responses from humans.

    Will look to Quadriga as my platform from now on.
  • Coinsquare; no support, no communication

    I feel I should make an updated post on this thread as I see some of the original problems I brought up still seem to not have been addressed.

    1st, I do not use Coinsquare anymore since the original experience soured me on future business even though the CEO had reached out to me. When it comes to MY MONEY, I do NOT give second chances. PERIOD. My issue was resolved but like I just said. I do my trading on other more robust exchanges.

    2nd, I agree with @nenab on most points that there is little transparency on this exchange for processes and how the mechanics of funding/withdrawing work. I briefly checked out the new site and see that it's mostly cosmetic although that was SORELY needed for navigation. But the point remains, lay out clearly the policies for moving out your crypto/fiat funds before people get their money trapped.

    3rd, to @BruceWayne 's point that it's usually noobs to complain about their experience. Well, of course. The successful company will be the one that creates a seamless experience for new customers. Just look at Coinbase. Crypto needs new participants to stay viable and they need to have pleasant experiences for this thing to take off. I was once a noob and so were you. The poster to which you refer to (of which i'm not "entirely" sure who it was exactly) seems to have tried other avenues before coming on a forum and venting.

    You are correct in that blockchain is a trustless model. However you are erroneously applying this analogy to a business. Businesses such as Coinsquare must ESTABLISH trust and that is the question this thread is trying to ascertain. The frustrated client has their funds locked up by decision of Coinsquare, the transaction has not been initiated by Coinsquare. The client "owns" the coins (though not the private keys of the wallet) and wants to move them out. Coinsquare says no. If they had complete control of the wallet or Coinsquare had better policies, they would get a txn ID and the customer could look it up on a blockchain explorer to see the network/node confirmations. The textbook example of how a trustless blockchain works.

    Which brings me to my 4th point to @CoinSquare Why is this policy of holding funds still around? I've never seen QuadrigaCX or Bittrex do such procedures. Are your holding policies to both fiat AND crypto now detailed explicitly to new prospective customers? Once a customer has bought coins, the funds ARE "there", the blockchain confirms it. You guys make money on exchange fees. They should be able to do with assets as they please. THAT'S THE WHOLE POINT OF CRYPTO!

    Finally, it seems you guys are fond of sending these inquiries to your overloaded ticketing desk. Here's an idea: stop holding people's crypto, fix the problem at the source. Then you can save operating overhead costs and slim down your ticketing staff.
  • Quantum computer threat to cryptocurrency ?

    I read here the threat is 20+ years away

    I think by then there will be time to move the coins to some safer concept. Besides Bitcoin cracking will be least of our worries :tongue:
  • Quantum computer threat to cryptocurrency ?

    I was thinking about quantum computers and how in 5-10 years they may be available, not to commoners but larger companies or rich folk for around $100,000 or so I'd guess.

    But that would render the encryption of Bitcoin and all other altcoins, useless. It would then be possible to calculate the private key from the public one in minutes. There are solutions to this, new cryptography standards being incorporated into the currencies protocol.

    My question though - what about people who have paper wallets, printed private keys, what happens to the old private keys if a new cryptography is incorporated to Bitcoin ? Or any other altcoin.

    I think it would render all pre-quantum resistant keys useless. So then there would be a new blockchain? In this scenario would that type of an upgrade force a chain split ?
  • Noob here in buying Bitcoin in Canada

    Thank you Coinguy, much appreciated. I was scared my money was lost.
  • Understanding the Bitcoin Market

    Know why you want to be here. Don't be here because you heard a tip and think it will make you money. Don't ask for more tips on what to do. I hate sounding glib but when you hear this every day all you can think is "why are you here?"
  • Bitcoin gone after transaction ?

    All good questions. I would open a ticket with Jaxx
  • Bitcoin gone after transaction ?

    Well that was embarrassing. Jaxx suggested I upgrade to the latest version, I did, and was then able to send BTC. The transaction showed up in the log and on blockchain immediately.

    I'm still confused why when searching my current Bitcoin address from Jaxx's wallet, on blockchain, there are no transactions.