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Vault of Satoshi Adds New Alt-Coins, CAD Order Book and Coin-to-Coin Trading Imminent!

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The rapidly growing cryptocurrency exchange Vault of Satoshi has announced the immediate availability of several major new features to their virtual currency exchange platform. These include the addition of new alternatives to Bitcoin (such as Dogecoin) and a Canadian dollar order book. The ability to trade directly between virtual currencies is said to be coming early next week.

In addition to Bitcoin, Litecoin and Peercoin, new alternative cryptocurrencies are now actively trading on the Vault of Satoshi exchange. These include the much-hyped Dogecoin, as well as Namecoin, Primecoin, Feathercoin, and Quarkcoin.

Co-Founder and CEO Mike Curry says, "We’ve seen a lot of interest from our users in many of these alt-coins, especially Dogecoin, so we’ve added all of the top up-and- coming coins. To complement that, we’re also launching coin-to-coin trading in a few days."

The addition of coin-to-coin trading will allow users to trade directly between a growing array of cryptocurrencies, without having to first convert to US or Canadian dollars. This also relaxes certain restrictions on account verification for those who do not wish to deposit or withdraw dollars. Curry continues, "You’ll be able to trade across all these coins and never have to deal with dollars or a lengthy account verification process."

Because of the massive Canadian interest in the Ontario based exchange, Vault of Satoshi has also enabled the ability for Canadians to trade in their home currency, the Canadian dollar, rather than first requiring a conversion to USD.

"Growth inside Canada has been really strong," says Co-Founder and lead investor Ryan van Barneveld. "We want to be seen as a leading exchange where we’re based, and then use that as a staging platform to spread out into other Bitcoin-friendly countries."

Co-founder Mike Curry adds, "We really believe that innovation and a strong focus on user-experience will bring the traders to us and help us become one of the top exchanges in the world. This is just the beginning for Vault of Satoshi."

Vault of Satoshi confirms that the new alt-coins and Canadian dollar order book are live and accessible on their trading platform, with coin-to-coin trading just around the corner.

About Vault of Satoshi
Launched in 2013, Vault of Satoshi is a reputable 100% Canadian owned and operated virtual currency trading platform serving a global market. Vault of Satoshi allows its users to trade fiat currencies (such US dollars) for cryptocurrencies (such as Bitcoin) safely and reliably with other members of the exchange

For more information, visit, or contact:

Margaret Curry, General Manager Global Cryptocurrency Solutions (519) 757-0101


  • testmantestman Member Plus
    @mikecurry. Good stuff! Now I can take a position on some altcoins much easier. No more BTC-E for me.
    I am he as you are he as you are me. And we are all together.
  • barehunterbarehunter Member Plus
    Excellent news. I've been looking for one- stop- shopping in Canada. Hopefully, the fees will not be exoribitant.
  • What are your current criteria for adding new currencies? I see you just added a few coins. I'm mainly surprised by the addition of Dogecoin, Feathercoin and Quark coin since they all have controversy associated with premines or instamines. I'm very surprised about Doge since it is so new, though I get that the marketing aspects of supporting a coin to gain exposure from the hype is a pretty good reason to get your exchange noticed.

    What would need to be done to add some more established and fairly launched alt-coins to your exchange?

    I'm mainly talking about Digitalcoin, Securecoin, Frankos and Zetacoin. None of these coins were pre-mined in any way and they all had a very fair launch. Here is a bit more information about each.

    Inflation: Much like the Bitcoin/Litecoin model there will be a total of 144.5 Million coins. Rewards started at 20, then down to 15 and they will half every 3 years until the hard cap is reached. 40 second blocks with 15 DGC reward and a difficulty retarget every 108 blocks.

    Development: This is what sets DGC apart from the rest. I would say that apart from BTC and LTC, Digitalcoin has the most active development out of any other alt coin out there. They are the first alt to have a working lightweight java client (similar to electrum) where you do not need to download the entire blockchain. This client will also directly integrate with coinmart (a brand new marketplace website). offers a full set of tools to explore the digitalcoin block chain. It visualizes the transaction data, mining information, and price trends to provide useful charts and data aggregates that update live. You also have access to an extensive API. The CryptoAve exchange is in it's final stages of beta with public released scheduled this week. This exchange will allow for users to trade DGC/SRC/ARG/PPC/BTC/LTC directly to USD. An option that not many coins can have. CryptoAve will also feature a payment processor so merchants can easily accept Digitalcoin. They also an android app and multiple services and places to spend DGC. So right off the bat, it is set apart from a standard pump and dump coin that only has a wallet and is listed on an exchange.

    Decentralization: It is a scrypt coin. However, Digitalcoin has also never been 51% attacked in the 8.5 months since release. This is a stat that only a select few coins can claim. Digitalcoin also uses random checkpoint blocks to ensure the validity of the blockchain (Baritus can elaborate on this).

    Inflation: Securecoin is a CPU only coin (much like Quark). However with a similar distribution model as Bitcoin and a fair launch. 1 minute blocks with 5 SRC rewards. Rewards half every 2.1 million blocks until the maxium of 21 million SRC are minted. It is also feature on multiple exchanges including btc38.

    Development: SRC is part of the Digitalcoin family so all developments that is being done for Digitalcoin will surely be implemented to SRC shortly after. It will be a part of the CryptoAve service mentioned above, meaning conversion to fiat and payment processor.

    Decentralization: Uses 6 algorithms to secure the blockchain (Grøstl, Skein, BLAKE, BLUE MIDNIGHT WISH, JH, SHA-3). Meaning you cannot currently mine with with your standard GPU, ASIC. It is strictly a CPU coin.

    Inflation: Rare coin with 0.25 block rewards occuring every 30 seconds. Block rewards half every 2.25 million blocks until a total of 11.2 million coins are minted. The kimoto gravity well has just been implemented to address difficulty adjustment.

    Development: Franko has one of the most dedicated developers out there behind the coin (defaced). He is constantly promoting his coins growth and acceptance and is heavily involved with almost everything crypto related. His coin is actually supported by a few local businesses in his area. The coin is supported by multiple online merchants and gaming sites as well as local pawn shops in Atlanta. I am very impressed with development and community efforts for this coin. They also have nifty tools such as an Android wallet.

    Decentralization: Scrypt Algorithm using kimoto gravity well to adjust difficulty dynamically to help secure the network and prevent abuse.

    Inflation: SHA-256 coin with 30 second blocks with difficulty retargetting every 4 blocks based on the last 90 blocks. Block rewards are 1000 ZET halving every month and not dropping below 1 ZET/block. The system is inflationary, meaning that once the rewards go down to 1 ZET, they will be 1 ZET forever. So after 1 year 160 million will be mined with approx 1 million new ZET being minted every year thereafter. I'd also like to point out that at the current value, ZET has a very low daily maintenance cost for approx $250/day.

    Development: Zeta also seems to have a rather active development team. They have an Android wallet and an exchange in the works. They also have the support of the NOBS community. They are currently in an acceptance phase with many merchants coming on board and starting to accept Zeta.

    Decentralization: SHA-256 algorithm so would follow the same as Bitcoin I would imagine.

    What more information or statistics do you require to be able to add these coins to your site?

  • BruceWayneBruceWayne Member Plus
    Wish I verified my account sooner. Guess I'll be sitting on the sidelines until I can start trading
  • BruceWayneBruceWayne Member Plus
    @CoinGuy A new arbitrage channel is a new arbitrage channel ;)
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