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Bitcoin Alliance of Canada - Board of Directors AMA - 2014 Edition.

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This is the official thread for an AMA of candidates running for the 5 vacant slots on the Bitcoin Alliance board. Unfortunately, with the Expo fast approaching and candidate info only released recently, I am scrambling to get this together. Anyway, below are the individuals up for the vote:

Pierre Bourque ( @PierreBourque )
Addison Cameron-Huff
Stephen Christensen
Manie Eagar ( @Griffen )
Kyle Kemper
Trevor Koverko
Josh Nekrep ( @joshnekrep )
Hai Nguyen ( @hai)
Mike Patryn ( @MikeXBT‌ )
Kris Stoynov
Victoria van Eyk
Chris Weisdorf

Full Alliance Directors Bios:

I have invited these candidates to join our community and PM their username (which I will add in brackets) and engage in an AMA on this site:

AMA details:

It will be in this thread.

Starting tomorrow (Thursday) until Friday night.

I 've tried my best to reach out to all candidates. Those that are on here, will have a username next to real name in parentheses.

Ask any question you like. Either to all the candidates or to one specific one. If candidate specific, use the candidates forum username. (Don't forget the the @ symbol).

We are the largest single community dedicated to Bitcoin in Canada, an early member of Bitcoin Alliance and believer in spreading Bitcoin from coast to coast. Most importantly, we wanted to give the candidates a better platform to get to know fellow Canadians, rather than get lost at Reddit or Bitcointalk! Good luck to all candidates!

Official Voting info:
At 12:00 midnight on Friday morning (Thursday night), if you are a Bitcoin Alliance member, you will receive an email from ElectionBuddy with your voting key. The election will be held for 48hrs, ending at midnight Sunday morning (Saturday night). The five directors with the most votes will become the Alliance's newest directors. If you are not a member currently, you can sign up now, so you can be allowed to vote in future elections and more. Free members may not vote.


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    @JoshNekrep‌ good call! My mistake for not reading all the bios yet :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: I am making made good headway in contacting the other candidates. I was not able to get in contact with:

    Chris Weisdorf
    Kris Stoynov
    Stephen Christensen

    but hopefully someone knows them, they hear about this site and they can join. All other candidates are members or have been invited to join :)
  • Hi there, this is a great idea, here I am, count me in !
  • btw here is a link that leads to the info on all of our Alliance Directors applications:
  • HaiHai Member
    Hi guys! It's busy tax season. I'll try and say as much as I can =)
  • CoinGuyCoinGuy Administrator
    @hai I understand -- glad you could be here :)
  • Glad to be a part of it. Tip of the hat to @Hai‌, @PierreBourque‌, @Griffen‌, and @MikeXBT‌. Looking forward to some great discussion. It's just an honour to be nominated (ok, I know, I nominated myself...). :P
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    To get things started, I figure I would start with some of my questions for the candidates: @PierreBourque @Griffen @joshnekrep @Hai‌ @mikeXBT‌

    -What do you think is the biggest challenge to Bitcoin adoption in Canada? How do you feel your experience can help us get over that hurdle?

    -Do you see Bitcoin as a currency or a store of wealth?

    - What is your opinion of other crypto currencies? i.e are they a good thing or a hindrance to a stronger Bitcoin.

    - The BAC community activity was very limited this past year, what initiatives do you hope to see to increase BAC involvement with the larger Canadian Bitcoin community beyond the Bitcoin Expo?
  • Good questions, hard answers. I'm just back from Inside Bitcoin in NY where we were a media partner, as we will be at Bitcoin Expo this weekend.

    Smarter minds than me (many of whom will be @ Bitcoin Expo) were grappling with just these points and my takeaway is there is a broad spectrum of opinion on all these points.

    In fact, both US Congressman Stockman (who introduced his "Virtual Currency Tax Reform Act" bill this week) and a senior staffer from the US Congressional Committee on Homeland Security strongly suggested to those in attendance that cohesion of message, uniform definitions, and consensus on language would go a long way to help both legislators and the public understand where the Bitcoin ecosystem is going. Easier said than done at this point, everyone seemed to agree.

    That aside, let me respond to your points:

    a) Knowledge. Access to ongoing balanced news coverage. Important conversations from those within the community to those outside looking in. All will help adoption. You will see in my BAC application I have a lot of experience in this area.

    b) I see 'Bitcoin' as both the Bitcoins and the technology that enable them. The Bitcoins are a medium of value exchange and decreased volatility will help adoption. But the underlying technology is likely going to enable a huge evolution of new tools and services that we are only now beginning to conceive. I agree with the many who think the Blockchain and the technology around it is what will drive adoption.

    c) Bitcoin takes up a lot of oxygen and has a $6 Billion market cap. At this stage it looks like the dominant player and I am focused on it. If Bitcoin stumbles because of as yet unknown fatal flaws, I believe so-called 'digital currency' will rise elsewhere. But for now, critical mass and momentum is forming around Bitcoin and that's where focus should be.

    d) Engagement with key components of mainstream society: the legislative bodies, the political class, the banking community, the media, academia, various industry associations.

    Like most people I've met in the Bitcoin space, I think the terrain is evolving fast and the obligation for BAC to help shape and guide the Bitcoin conversation in Canada is extremely important. It is an opportunity we need to be well-prepared for and eager to enter into.

    Together, we can deploy into the broader society by putting our best efforts forward.

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