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Canada #2 in Bitcoin ?



  • Yeah, I agree.

    After seeing what those rabid paparazzi did to that poor Japanese man in Cali, I'd say the creator(s) was wise to hide his identity. It was like that rabble was accusing him of a crime. Certainly none of them really believe their victim is the real inventor. They just can't miss the opportunity to show the masses just how only a bad man would do such a thing.

    If they did discover the truth about who invented bitcoin, you know how it would go from a quick study in history.

    Consider the men who, over time, were marginalized, imprisoned, disappeared and assassinated for shedding light on the fallacy that is the monopoly on creation of money. Consider the real reasons that wars were fought and the hundreds of millions of our human kin were destroyed in those wars. The best men with the most to pass to their progeny were the ones most likely killed before fathering children. The criminality is larger than I can comprehend.

    Money is a means of communicating value. Most of what it means to be a human being is centered on communication. From working our jobs and creating the wealth of the world to simply loving our children, it's all communications.

    Consider who owns control of 95% of the organs of human communications, from telephone companies to movie production houses. Then think again about that pack of hyenas chasing that startled retiree across the town he used to enjoy living in.

    Who holds paper written against almost all of the real properties in the world? Who can bond us and our children and generations yet unborn with more and more loans to governments addicted to borrowing. Who has made a mockery of proud old justice and a sham of our beloved democracy.

    Who dispatches the jackals when bribery and blackmail fail to corrupt. Who is this collective devil who would have us all in chains?

    The only defense we have at this point is to educate each other, yet there is a great hindrance to our fellows "getting it". Who would be so bold as to plainly state it? Who else is getting "it"?

    How many readers know that men are being imprisoned in Canada, without formal charges, without trial, without their lawyers seeing the evidence against them? How many of you know of the mechanisms put in place in the weeks following 9/11 that have allowed unelected traitors and foreign nationals this power within the bureaucracy we are forced to pay interest on money borrowed to support?

    What is the most expensive building project in the history of this country? Who never asked you or I if we wanted it or were willing to pay interest on the money borrowed to build it.

    Until people know what money is and where it comes from, they will be too busy chasing it and measuring their own success by it to notice that the perpetrators of all the crime I mention above (and much much more), don't want that money back. Until people realize that money is only a marker against value, and is not valuable of itself, they will continue to measure greed in dollars.

    Dollars are not wealth, they are debt. It's the other side of the ledger that expresses the wealth.

    If I have not lost you yet, how about a discussion about social credit?
  • JoshNekrepJoshNekrep Member
    edited April 2014
    @CoinGuy‌ I wonder how Quebec or Manitoba on their own would stand up to India or China.
  • CoinGuyCoinGuy Administrator
    @JoshNekrep‌ good question. Those numbers may be hard to come by, but I'll try in the near future to find out ;)
  • I think @JoshNekrep is on the right path to bringing Manitoba up to speed in terms of adoption and grassroots support, but lacks the institutional backing of Quebec. The converse is also true. Some of us in Vancouver are attempting to try some of the stuff that the Alliance/Embassy have been doing--it would be good for them to follow suit. We will need financial support as much as the East will need social support, and some intermingling should occur.
  • CoinGuyCoinGuy Administrator
    @bitcoincooperative we talking price of electricity :p But I fully agree your approach and the BAC/Embassy approach needs better co-mingling...
  • Sorry @CoinGuy. We can't easily change the price of electricity, though. :P
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