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Yukon ASIC Miner at 5.4-6.6 TH/s. Most powerful Bitcoin Asic Miner Available Soon?

CoinGuyCoinGuy Administrator
edited March 2017 in Bitcoin Mining
Mistaken leak, or a way to get your engines revved up with excitement? Might be time to start saving up for a "Yukon Miner"
A leaked brief from Israeli bitcoin miner manufacturer Spondoolies-Tech has surfaced online, revealing more details about the RockerBox ASIC behind its SP-30 unit, which it bills as "the most powerful miner available".

The manufacturer is gearing up to introduce its SP-30, codenamed Yukon, by the end of summer. With an effective hash rate of 5.4-6.6 TH/s at a nominal power consumption of 2,500W, the bitcoin miner comes in a 2 U rack with two 1,200W power supply units and is cooled by four 80mm fans.

Spondoolies-Tech co-founder Guy Corem spoke with CoinDesk earlier this year on how the company’s non-standard implementation of SHA-256 has lead to substantial efficiency improvements.
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