New to Crypto? Make sure you read the things you need to know about the Crypto Market in Canada for 2019. We've put all you need in this updated post! eGift Cards & Physical Gift Cards



  • @CoinGuy‌ Looks like these are only available instore. Since I don't live near one of their shops I don't think I would be able to offer these but thats for the suggestion!

    Keep them coming :)

    Groceries are my next big target!

    That being said, I am from the west coast so if anyone has a list of large eastern Canada chains I would be appreciative if anyone can list them.
  • CoinGuyCoinGuy Administrator
    @dastuff Loblaws and Sobeys (IGA)
  • We have added Gift Cards for Save-On-Foods (Sorry I know this is only BC) and Clancy's Meat Co.

    Save-on is a very large BC grocery chain so this should help those of us in BC who want bitcoin groceries.

    Clancy's Meat Co. is a Fresh and Frozen meat shop. They are one of my favorite places to shop for food simply because their quality of meat is great. Bitcoin Steak anyone? :)

    As always we are trying to add more selection, especially for you guys out east. :)
  • Dominos! I can get pizza with BTC finally. I accidentally bought a few from gyft for the States a few weeks ago =(
  • DaStuffDaStuff Member
    edited February 2015
    Hey everyone, just wanted to come and give a thank you to everyone who has been using our services from is growing everyday and we recently surpassed some great milestones in terms of volume. We have been busy looking for new cards and content to add as well and of course we are always open to suggestions.

    We have added the following gift cards since our last post:
    Subway (Physical)
    Tim Hortons (Physical and Electronic)

    We hope everyone out there gives us a shot as we maintain 100% of our profits in bitcoin and use it to support other bitcoin businesses.

    Thanks again!
  • dekdek Member
    @DaStuff‌ @el_darwin‌

    Hi , this site still works?

    Thanks, dek
  • Yes for sure! Still operating!
  • dekdek Member
    DaStuff said:

    Yes for sure! Still operating!

    Excellent, thank you for the fast answer! :smile:

  • Christmas is coming and bitcoin is RISING!! This is the perfect time to do your Xmas shopping using bitcoin by either gifting gift cards, or using gift cards to do your shopping!! :)
  • We have been busy adding lots of gift card choices and are proud to say we broke through the 150+ mark yesterday. We have been able to add Loblaws, Superstore(Real Canadian and Atlantic), No Frills and all other Loblaws branded markets. On top of this we have also added a number of restaurants and other businesses.

    Still accepting suggestions for cards to add :)
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