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  • As many of the lurkers here are customers, here is a thank you from us at

    Thank You from Canada’s Bitcoin to Gift Card Exchange Service!

  • CoinGuyCoinGuy Administrator
    Thanks @DaStuff -- You know you can lurk less too :p
  • FYI,

    Coincards staff will be taking a much needed break on August 1st, until approx August 7th. We had timed this break to coincide with the UASF, but seems to now coincide with the UAHF.

    Either way, we will be closed as of August 1st for 1 week.

    We suggest that if you know you will need some gift cards during the first week of august that you purchase before the 31st of July.

  • DaStuffDaStuff Member
    edited January 2018
    Hey All,

    Wanted to post an update here as we have had a crazy busy couple of months with some seriously exciting upgrades in place.

    First off, We completely overhauled and redesigned our website. We think its easier to navigate and allows us to make more customizations which allow for a better overall experience for the customer.

    We recently upgraded our payment system to include SEGWIT addresses. So now when you purchase from us, you are sending to a segwit address which will help reduce network fees.

    We also implemented Litecoin as a direct method of payment. If you are still seeing expensive BTC payments you can now switch to litecoin and purchase all cards using it directly. No Third party processors.

    We are continuously making improvements and love all feedback as well. So feel free to checkout the new or send me a message here. Cheers!
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