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Forum Rules And Posting Guidelines: New Users Please Read

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The following rules are not the usual Yada, Yada. This forum was created for people who are serious about Bitcoins and the Canadian Market. We want to have good discussions and effective discussions to support the Bitcoin community in Canada. We have thought about these rules long and hard and want to keep this forum a quality experience for all.

Golden Rules for Subject Headings, Categories and Discussions
We ask you create "Discussion Title's" that are relevant. Please refrain from posting with titles such as "help" or other useless wording. This will help make sure people respond to your post. Please also try to make every effort to choose the right category. All threads need to remain on topic, no hijacking or necro-posting. Create a new discussion once the main issue of the OP is at an end.

Platinum Rule: No Begging For Bitcoin Or Other Crypto Currency
Begging for Bitcoin or any crypto-currency is not welcome. Your post will be deleted. There are other communities that will tolerate this. We do not. Begging for coins does not help build a community and repeat offenders will be banned. If you are adding something substantial to the community, add the appropriate crypto address at the end of your post.

Other Important Rules
  • When posting a question, you may or may not get a response. Do not excessively bump your thread. Remember users are in different timezones.
  • Think about your question before asking--and make sure it is clear. This forum will save a draft so you can come back later to finish the thought.
  • Make sure to use search to avoid asking duplicate questions.
  • If you share a link and it's an affiliate link either advise users or offer a non-affiliate link. Posting that you discovered "a new service" in hopes of increasing your affiliate revenue is spammy and suspicious, so be genuine in your post. We will also not tolerate multiple discussions about the same service. If you must, you may add your thoughts and link to a discussion, but make sure the comment has value.
  • If it will help to include a screenshot or include an image, all you need to do is use upload your pic to a service like tinypic, photobucket or Make sure to format to appropriate size. Get the link and paste it in the box you will get when you click the image button in the comment toolbar. Do not hotlink an image. It's not nice to the other website. Do so and your post will be deleted.
  • When you mention users, use the @username format. A user will get notified they have been mentioned, and therefore can follow up on threads they may not have bookmarked.
  • Don't simply post a link to your site, or for self promotion. This is a community, so think about content that is helpful and create good conversations. In essence add value to building the Bitcoin community in Canada. Accounts created only to create posts promote a business /service/affiliate links, without adding other value to the community, will have those posts deleted. I have a zero-tolerance policy for this kind of behaviour. A community is also more than posts that self promote.
  • If you are joining this community SOLELY to post that you will buy Stellars, Ripples or other altcoins for Bitcoin, don't bother. Your post will be deleted. We are here to have discussions about Bitcoin in Canada and build a healthy community, not host one-off posts from drive-by traders or hoarders.
  • This forum is mostly ad free. You can of course promote your service, but we ask you keep your business offer in one official thread. You should also consider that this site is for Canadians and maybe offer a special promotion for our users. We also expect businesses that post here to be active in the community by offering opinions, expertise and more in other threads. We are not looking for this place to become a spam fest. If we feel you are a one time poster and not adding to the community with quality discussions, you may be warned, have your content deleted or possibly be banned. Learn more here.
  • We welcome international users, businesses and discussion, but keep in mind our aim and audience is Canada and the Canadian Bitcoin community. Posts about a business not focused on Canada, the Canadian market or our community may be deleted. For example, our community is not interested in your non-Canadian based start-up Bitcoin exchange. In other words, pay attention that this is a Canadian audience. We don't want your spam you cut and paste to every Bitcoin forum. Don't waste your time. It will be deleted.
  • Do not create multiple posts on the same topic -- chose the best (one) category only. Please refrain from multiple posts. Flagrant multiple posts are considered SPAM because you did not read the rules. SPAM again and it may become a BAN!
  • Excessive trolling & sock puppets will not be tolerated.
  • Users making clones of popular Canadian Bitcoin brands are not welcome here. We value our partners, members and supporters. We promote innovators. If you are copying the look, feel or content found on a website of a Canadian established business, be sure to get a harsh reaction, and your content possibly deleted or having your account banned. Final decision will rest with admin team, on the advice of others in the community.
  • Bumped discussions by OP for products or services will be deleted. If the community is interested they know where you are.
  • Discussions about drugs or illegal activities will be deleted.
  • This may not be the right forum for you, and I welcome you to use Reddit or Bitcointalk if you disagree with the rules.
  • If you create an account just to post a link to your business Reddit or Bitcointalk thread, and there is not much perceived value, it may be deleted. If you want to engage with this community, members should be able to ask you questions here -- and not on another forum.
  • Do not shorten URLs, either make it a hyperlink or paste the full URL.
  • If you won't spend 5 seconds to format your post for readibilty, I have no issue with spending 5 seconds to delete you. Please note, I am talking about a wall of text obviously copy and pasted across multiple forums.
  • If it wasn't clear already, make sure the content is of interest to Canadians. This is not just another Bitcoin forum to spam.
  • Members who distinguish themselves by great contributions will get access to add their own custom signature to their posts. The community rules apply to that content. Rule breakers will lose this privilege, but will be warned before that happens.
TD;LR: We will moderate this community with a heavy hand to create a Bitcoin Community for Canadians focused on quality and usefulness. Users who don't follow the rules may have their content deleted and repeat offenders will be banned. This may not be the community for you and there are other options so go elsewhere. We are okay with that.

If your content has been deleted or you have been banned, don't cry or complain, just read the above and you will clearly see you should have read the rules first. If you need further clarification, you may PM me.


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