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iMiner Asic USB Miners

Hi All,

Someone sent me a few (10) of these so-called ASIC miners because they didn't have the patience or the technical knowledge to get them up and running. After doing a bit of research (any my own limited knowledge of these devices), I cannot seem to find any information on these things.

Apparently they are sold on Aliexpress as "i-Miner" USB Asics (I'm not going to bother posting the link on here, but if you do a search for "iminer" on Aliexpress you'll see a million ads for them (they look like thumb drives with an "i" circle logo on them)).

Anyhow, to make a long story short I found a driver that is supposed to worth with them (not sure if it does, but they now show up in my devices as "CP2012 USB to UART controller". I downloaded BFGMiner and attempted to get them recognized, but they can't be found when I do a device scan within BFGMiner for them.

So I guess my question is twofold:
1) Are these devices worth running? Will the costs likely exceed the payback?
2) Does anyone have any experience getting these things up and running?

If they are not cost-effective then the second question is a moot point since I will simply not continue with them.

Any advice would be appreciated.



  • XyverXyver Member
    edited September 2014
    I have never heard of these.... Any idea what the hashrate is supposed to be? (If it's less then 2 giga each, probably not worth the trouble)
  • According to thee site:
    *Computing power: Rated 300MH/S
    *Power input: 5V
    *Composition characteristics: usb interfaces window 7 under use
    *Mining agreement: Icuras support all virtual currency SHA256 algorithm
    *Power consumption: 2.5W
    * Design life: 10 years (theoretical value)
  • Not worth it. Those are like the ASIC Block Eruptors, the original USB miners!

    That will net you 0.00004353 BTC per day, which is like 2 cents. Even with a Raspberry Pi, you'll spend more money on power then you'll get running them. Plus, you'll have to put a few hours in figuring them out and setting them up.

    You can do it for fun, sure, but I don't think it's worth it for making any money (not even at the level or "Will I make ROI, or 90%, or 80%"... You'll be straight up losing money.)
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