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Litecoin is alive!

barehunterbarehunter Member Plus
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Litecoin up 40% today surprisingly.

Interesting post on reddit.
"For the last year, my focus has been supporting Litecoin by ensuring that it gets integrated into different projects and tools, which in turn will facilitate broader adoption. I do not post much on forums and social media (just like pooler) but methodically work in the background on the Litecoin project.

On Litecoin side I work with Charles, Warren and pooler and on my side I have a group of developers that work with me on various projects.

Here are some project related updates from my side:

We are working on MultiBit HD port for Litecoin. We have a working prototype in private testing. I do not have release dates yet. There should be a public beta before the end of Q1 2015.

We are working on integration of Litecoin into, which will be For a very long time BitcoinAverage has served as a major market indicator in Bitcoin ecosystem and is still widely used by a lot of people (plus it ranks very high on Google).

We have been working on integration of Litecoin into Lamassu ATM. This project has been delayed due to other priorities but we are planning to continue working on this during Q1 2015.

I also act as the CTO of the Bitcoin Embassy in Montreal. Bitcoin Embassy is an organization that is dedicated to promotion and support of decentralized technologies. ( Bitcoin Embassy has in-house projects and also hosts (provides various types of support, sponsorship, office space, regulatory guidance etc.) to a number of startups in the cryptocurrency ecosystem. I have been actively working with these startups to provide any help they need as well as assist with Litecoin integration if necessary.

For the last half a year I have also been independently consulting a banking organization that is interested in integrating cryptocurrency into their financial service offering. They are integrating Bitcoin and Litecoin (as well as possibly Etherium in the future). This is a major project for cryptocurrency ecosystem in general and will be announced in the next few months.

People involved are very concerned about security, so things are not rushed. I can't say much more right now due to NDAs, but the list of features they have developed includes merchant processing (with automated currency conversions), Bitcoin & Litecoin Multi-Signature bank accounts, ability to easily interchange funds between fiat and crypto bank accounts, where fiat accounts integrate with SEPA/SWIFT. Fiat account holders can obtain debit cards and while this has only been a topic of discussions so far, it is quite possible for them to implement debit cards for cryptocurrency accounts. ...don't know if this will be implemented, but I am actively suggesting that they do this.

Anyhow, this is a quick update just to let everyone know that there is a lot of work being done in the background. 2014 has been a very interesting year, which has spawned a lot of projects that will come to life in 2015. So I think 2015 will be a very interesting year."


  • CoinGuyCoinGuy Administrator
    @barehunter‌ hope you don't mind, I added blockquote to make it easier to see it was a quote :)
  • barehunterbarehunter Member Plus
    That is much easier to read. Thanks. I will do that next time now that I've figured it out. Old people are a little slower ya know.
  • I'm not one who likes to gamble with alt coins that often, however I see this as a perfect opportunity to short Litecoin. As far as I can tell, Litecoin has all of the same limitations that are hindering widespread mainstream adoption of Bitcoin, yet is a less secure network. I see absolutely no reason why anyone would choose to use Litecoin as a payment option over Bitcoin.
  • barehunterbarehunter Member Plus
    Perhaps if you view it in terms of fiat. The 25 cent piece compared to the dollar.

    I also think ltc appeals more to newcomers. A two dollar coin is easier to fathom than a three hundred dollar one and how you need to take it to 7 decimal places to break it down.

    I want to buy a cup of coffee for $1.50. I know right away its .75 ltc. I will have to break out the calculator for btc .004260.

    Dogecoin would be the penny I guess.
  • CoinGuyCoinGuy Administrator
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    @barehunter, you are right that the BTC calculation was easier when we were hovering at $1,000 for 1 BTC

    On a side note not sure Litecoin has the appeal it had. Not seeing lots of activity on it...I think newcomers just skip right to Bitcoin.
  • barehunterbarehunter Member Plus
    I agree CoinGuy.
    Bitcoin is easier to buy to start with. In most cases you need btc to buy altcoins. Ltc would need the same access we have to btc. Ltms would be a big step.

    I would have bypassed btc for ltc for my original buys but it was not possible. As a newbie my thinking was "who the heck buys an $800 coin?". It was easier to wrap my head around a $20 coin at the time.
    Much the same thing as owning a thousand dollar bill. Would never have considered it.

  • BruceWayneBruceWayne Member Plus
    My average buy has been in the 0.007 range. Considering that 50% less coins will be coming to the market by August it's playing out like the December 2012 market
  • Of course litecoin is alive :smiley: , it has daily volume in the millions no other coin comes close.
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