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CoinFest Round 2: African Solidarity

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CoinFest was a global phenomenon in 2015, celebrated in cities across Russia, Latin America, Europe and Canada. Andrew has held the CoinFest Vancouver wallet since 2013, but now that CoinFest requires global management and coordination, he has decided to step down as the primary organizer.

In keeping with the Spirit of CoinFest and the decentralization movement, control of the CoinFest Vancouver wallet will be distributed equally among several trusted parties. A multisignature address will be created here at Decentral Vancouver, and the private keys handed out to their guardians.

Several key-holders have already been chosen or invited, and Andrew will stick around during the transition period. If you'd like to have a say in the future of CoinFest in Vancouver--or just hang out by the beer fridge and talk about decentralization--join us tonight as we pass the torch!


Around the same time, CoinFest nodes will be popping up across Africa. Due to mail problems, Botswana did not receive our Bitcoin ATM on time for the original CoinFest date, so its launch will be celebrated now. Events are also confirmed in Ghana, and possibly Sierra Leone, South Africa, and Tanzania. Stay tuned!

To help stimulate their local Bitcoin economy, we will also be showing off Bitcoin bangles, necklaces and sandals from Ghana, and an abstract Bitcoin painting by Zoran Kutuzovic. Finally released from captivity by Canadian customs, all are for sale (for Bitcoin, of course) to help pay the costs from the last CoinFest in Vancouver. Come get yours and support the movement!

Meet Up:
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