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CoinFest 2016



  • Since we had to delay CoinFest Ghana to this Friday due to medical emergency, some activities are still going on. If you boot up your Grabbit app and scroll through the prizes available to fight over, you'll see the CoinFest prize of .2 BTC and also a CoinCard from if you're Canadian.

    We also have a Huntercoin challenge today for 20K HUC. The prize goes to the first Hunter to bring the Crown of Fortune to the top-right corner of the map... I'm sure it'll be a heated contest with the equivalent of over $100 US ~ .27 BTC up for grabs.

  • The second ever Decentralized Doge Party hosted by the DDP at CoinFest Vancouver was a lot of fun! The Doge rocket made a return to bring us to the Moon once again, this time with the guidance of a Bitcoin spaceman. It culminated in a party with a Bitcoin bar... see the rest of the photos here:
  • CoinFest 2016 was quite eventful, indeed. As predicted, CoinFest UK was the epicenter, with Amsterdam also generating a lot of buzz. Other hotspots included Ghana, Shanghai and Bangalore, Washington DC and Switzerland, and eMunie was our greatest sponsor. Due to CoinKite's untimely shutdown and other unforeseen circumstances, however, some of the global activities were reduced in scale.

    The silver lining is that this lack of liquidity caused us to have around 2.7 BTC left over, a great starting point from which to fundraise for next year's events. Unfortunately, our short-term Copay wallet comes with a mandatory feature that creates a new HD address for every transaction... this disrupted our Transparency System, but it is now fixed along with other updates to

    Once the Previous Events page is updated and CoinFest 2017 page made live, it will be announced in a new thread ("CoinFest 2017") in this forum. CoinFest also now has a forum of its own so that organizers around the world can have structured conversation and share details about how CoinFest operates and their own local events... check it out at for the most comprehensive information
  • Finally found the video of Andreas Antonopoulos presenting at CoinFest 2016:

    This'll be the last official post ITT. Onward and upward to CoinFest 2017:
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