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Litecoin Market Update June 16

BruceWayneBruceWayne Member Plus
Alright, this one has been awhile in the making but even I'm having trouble keeping up with prices


This chart shows the *very* bullish pattern that was happening. Even I thought it was a bit lofty and before I could post it on the usual date prices made a major move to push past 0.008 BTC and today above 0.01 BTC. I'm assuming that part of this is because of short-sellers who have had multiple margin calls over the weekend. In any event it's really difficult to say where things are going to settle down at. If you bought on my May call you'd be up 56% and I'm probably just going to move them all to cold storage. I think prices will hover around $2.50 for a little while and maybe even settle at this range but I wouldn't be expecting a massive push beyond this any time soon, but, then again I wouldn't have expected a $0.50 gain overnight last night so there still may be more upside


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