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CloudThink.IO Official Discussion Thread

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CloudThink is a successful multi-national enterprise spanning the U.K. and Taiwan with a mission to offer the most sustainable Bitcoin investments on the market. Founded in 2013, CloudThink consistently generates 100% of its own renewable electricity, while our highly qualified team of experienced financial advisers and traders ensures the most effective management available. Our dedication to secrecy regarding our machinery and technological innovations ensures that our competitors hate us, and our investors love us. CloudThink is designed for both experienced investors as well as beginners in the Bitcoin mining industry. We pride ourselves on providing far more than just a regular cloud mining service. CloudThink is 100% sustainable and generates its own electricity, this is our way of ensuring efficient business practices, which in turn allows us to offer you our unique investment packages.

Our business has always been successful that's why you have probably never heard of us. Starting in 2014, we wanted to expand our business, as this is a very profitable sector. So we decided to sell our own Smart Investment Contracts, which give investors the opportunity to invest in something new and exciting, and make a good profit out of it. We use the funds from Smart Investment Contracts to further develop mining equipment and use our world-class trading strategies to make a huge profit for us and our customers. Our company's main headquarters is located in Manchester, United Kingdom (Incorporation Number: #9512971). This is where we manage all of our other locations and companies.

Our facilities in Taiwan are mining Bitcoins at a steady rate, and best of all, at great value. Initially, our cloud mining packages were only available to certain invite-only investors. We have since moved forward. Our current public offering is limited and represents our confident step towards building the future of Bitcoin together. You can trust in our state-of-the-art data centers and renewable energy to provide you with the optimal bitcoin investing experience available on the market. Our services are designed specifically to work with a single investment, letting you avoid unpleasant monthly payments or confusing fee calculations. No matter what, we keep it simple.

CloudThink aims to set an example with exceptional customer support, as well as professional support by our experienced financial team for members who decide to opt for the expert investment package. We have a strong commitment to privacy, and do not share your information with anyone ever. Additionally, we have developed the CloudThink wallet, which offers coin mixing features for increasing anonymity. Whether you join our service as a miner or an affiliate, you are free to benefit from our investment packages in the end.

Bitcoin is a currency for the people, especially the billions of unbanked individuals who cannot even obtain an ID if they tried. Our philosophy is that ANYONE should be able to participate in the Bitcoin mining process. Our service is just that. When you mine Bitcoins with us, you won’t be getting your hands dirty or skyrocketing your heart rate about the security of your mining rig, sustainability, or anything else.

Your investment in our service is also a direct health boost for the Bitcoin network, the payment system of tomorrow. Our success is bringing mining to the people, instead of leaving it in the hands of private, corporate entities who refuse to let you participate.

Thank you for considering our service!




Sustainable Business Plan Optimized Value Expert Support Renewable Power Stellar Privacy Experienced Team Excellent Uptime

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Registered office: 14 14 Lloyd Street, Manchester, United Kingdom.
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    By Richard Coleman June 22, 2015

    Manchester, UK – CloudThink is offering Bitcoin Investment Packages to acquire funding for research, mining hardware production and trading in the new and exciting market of crypto currency. The guaranteed projection of this endeavor means increased Investor financial portfolio growth and also more revenue for the company. Investors will be making guaranteed profits as CloudThinks takes on new investors and adds to its already robust mining center in Taiwan.

    CloudThink is now taking on outside investors, but for only a limited time. Now is your chance to get in on the ground floor of an already established company with its own self sufficient mining facility. Investment packages are "officially" available starting with June 1, 2015 and will only be offered for a limited time. So don't let this opportunity pass you by as investment spots are limited. Just like its mother company, Cloud Think Mining Ltd., the contracts are intended to be sold for only a limited period of time. This is then until the investment capital is obtained. As per the investments, these are aligned to be used in funding the team of traders who are more than dedicated in making huge amount of profits.

    On what CloudThink stands for and on its immense benefits from the Team, Richard Coleman, the Chief Executive Officer of CloudThink had these glowing words to say "CloudThink is blessed to have the best team we could ask for. They are all dedicated and very experienced. It is an honor working with them!". We all know a company and is only as good as the team behind it, so if these words from the CEO are any indication, then great things are on the horizon for Cloudthink and its Investors.
    Lastly, CloudThink customers will also have the added benefit of an online wallet which will help them in facilitating their daily transactions. The wallet users can also avail a bitcoin mixing service which operates with 0% fees.

    About CloudThink:
    CloudThink, founded in 2013 by a group of investors and experts in cryptocurrency, headquartered in Manchester, United Kingdom with Incorporation Number: #9512971, incorporates a package of services operated by Cloud Think Mining Ltd. which runs a high-performance mining facility in Taiwan with a very cost-effective selection of mining equipment CloudThink's concise mission is to build and manage the most proficient and dependable mining farm, to develop state of the art efficient mining equipment and use world-class strategies to make huge profits for the investors and the company in general as we move forward into the future.

    To learn more about CloudThink, please contact:
    Richard Coleman - Chief Executive Officer Cloud Think Mining LTD.
    14 14 Lloyd Street
    Manchester, United Kingdom
    Office: 1-855-261-2270
    Investors: 1-310-846-9028 www.CloudThink.IO
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    @cloudthink how is this related to a CANADIAN Bitcoin forum? It looks mostly like spam! What say you @coinguy...
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    @testman I kind of agree with you, let's see what they have to say...
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