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    So you don't have to leave :D and you can discuss here...

    "Hello all! First and foremost, thank you to everyone who attended. The event drew about 35 unique people, with around 20 who stayed for the majority of the event. Bitcoins were trading between 88-95 BTC/CAD, in the midst of a great price difference on the major exchanges (Mt Gox vs CaVirtex, etc). Also for sale were a variety of Casascius coins and USB Block Eruptors.

    Great discussion was had by all and a few brave people took the plunge and bought their very first coins. All in all the event, the first of its kind in Toronto, turned out great! I was particularly impressed by a startup group who ventured all the way from Waterloo. Hats off to you guys.

    That being said, I personally will be away until September.13th for an epic road trip to Burning Man. In the meantime, I hope people will continue to come out to Nathan Phillips Square to keep Satoshi Square going. We briefly discussed making this an ‘every-two-weeks’ event, making the next one this coming Monday (Aug.12th). 5pm seemed like a pretty good time, with the peak attendance around 6:30pm."
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    @bitcoinpete it's actually @azium who is going to burning man. I quoted his post on Reddit. As much as I love Reddit, if I want to grow the Canadian Bitcoin Community Forum discussions, the actual content needs to be here as well ;) Great job in your neck of the woods. Major kudos :D
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