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NewsBTC Canada Partners with Coin Forum

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Hot on the heels of the Bitcoin Co-op takeover announcement, business is already underway at NewsBTC Canada. In a move that could have been predicted by many, the franchisee is now partnered with Coin Forum. This is one of many recent partnerships with NewsBTC and its franchisees.

Coin Forum is the oldest and largest website forum dedicated to the Canadian Bitcoin community, having been around since 2013. All of the major national Bitcoin companies maintain accounts, including Coin Trader, QuadrigaCX, CAVirtex, Taurus Bitcoin Exchange, Decentral, Coinkite, and many others. Given Canada’s lofty status among nations in terms of Bitcoin adoption and success, it is an impressive list.

“Coin Forum was created to make it easier for Canadians to discover and discuss Bitcoin,” said Adrian, known by the community as CoinGuy. “I had a concern these topics were getting lost in other places, and it seems Canadians have agreed. We try to keep the quality and discussions focused on those things that really have an impact on the Canadian Bitcoin market.”

The Bitcoin Co-op is one of the oldest contributors, and possesses one of the most reputable accounts. The are official partners: Coin Forum has sub-forums dedicated to the Bitcoin Co-op and its projects, and the Co-op has regularly broken the news there on its latest Bitcoin adoption wins.

NewsBTC Canada’s partnership with Coin Forum is a logical extension of that relationship. The news franchisee will provide more organization to the distribution of Bitcoin-related info in Canada, and be the perfect place for content too large for a forum post. The forums will also be a primary source of news tips and information for the outlet.

The Co-op is committed to at least one monthly roundup of forum activity, sometimes more during periods of peak usage. Insightful analytical discussions and announcements made by forum users will be the focus of coverage, as well as announcements by CoinGuy, himself. NewsBTC Canada will become the primary outlet for the Canadian Bitcoin community based around Coin Forum.

In return, NewsBTC Canada will use Coin Forum as a way to reach talent and advertisers. Articles will be promoted in the news forum, where debate and commentary will be encouraged by its administration. In this manner, both information outlets will grow and gain readership in tandem, forming a positive feedback loop that should take the Canadian Bitcoin community even further.


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