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BitKong is happy to announce a legendary affiliate program for our players.

BitKong is a fun little game where you have to guess under which fields BitKong is hiding fruit. You start by pressing Play and then try to work your way up row by row. You can multiply your earnings with each row, but be careful. You can withdraw your earnings at any time, but if you click a wrong field, they will be lost.

Affiliate Program

You can now create a special personalized BitKong link to share with your friends and on social media. After you have posted your link, you will then receive up to 49% of the house edge, which is 0.25% of every single bet made by any player who clicked your link! And it doesn’t even matter if they win or lose, you still get 0.25% of every single bet they make.

Best of all, if that player invites another player you will receive 0.12% of every single bet made by the second player. And if the second player invites yet another player, you will get 0.06% of every single bet made by the third player. And so on. This means that if you invite someone who invites a lot of new people themselves, this can be quite profitable for you.

This is also a great opportunity for anyone with a large bitcoin social network to invite a massive amount of users and secure a steady income of BTC, especially if your audience is interested in promoting the game to even more players.

Log in with Facebook (we are adding more login options as we speak). Head over to the settings menu on the top right of BitKong and get your own personal affiliate link to get started. If you are quick, you can actually be one of the first and start at the top!

Please play responsibly! We appreciate any feedback. :)


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