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Coinbase is welcome here.

CoinGuyCoinGuy Administrator
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I was reading a NewBTC article about issues Coinbase was facing in the "larger" Bitcoin community:

Bitcoin wallet company Coinbase today clarified that it was never going to abandon Bitcoin Core for its scalable version XT.

The statement came in response to the certain allegations made by's moderators Cøbra and Theymos. They had criticized the San Francisco startup and its co-founder Brian Armstrong for supporting the controversial Bitcoin soft fork " Bitcoin XT, fearing that their experimental attitude would one day make them move from the current Bitcoin client. This supposed misunderstanding ultimately led to Coinbase's removal from their popular domain.

Armstrong has been trying hard to ease the concerns and resolve this issue that has divided the Bitcoin community. While a majority supports the reinstatement of Coinbase in forum, there are some who remain very miffed with the wallet company. Just two days ago, when Brian tweeted,

They are now allowed back on the domain. Once again I guess I am missing why the emotionalism over XT. Take note team at Coinbase, you are welcome here. Pass it along @JohnMardlin.


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