New to Crypto? Make sure you read the things you need to know about the Crypto Market in Canada for 2019. We've put all you need in this updated post! || Grand Jackpot starts at 987654 bits!

We are happy to announce a new bitcoin-based dice game that is going to dazzle.
DICECO.IN reinvents an old gambling feature, JACKPOT.
Why is this great? Because you can use the faucet and gain free bits to play and have the same chance at the jackpot as a high roller.

In the following we will explain our Jackpot concept:

Quoted from FAQ section:
"When a new Jackpot is set, our server generates a random Hash Key (e.g. "MB58bNJogX") and random value for the Jackpot (e.g. 777). This value is the amount of bits to be won.
These two, the Hash Key and the Jackpot value are encrypted into a SHA256 Hash Code in the following form: "MB58bNJogX777".
The generated Hash Code for every Jackpot (Grand, Major and Minor) is shown in the Jackpot Box.
When a Jackpot is won you will find the jackpot value along the Hash Key and the Hash Code in the Jackpots Tab.
You can verify the authenticity of the Jackpot here:
After each increase of jackpot, the server compares the generated Hash Code of the new value with the
Jackpot Hash Code. When these two are the same, we have a winner.
In this way we assure that no one knows the Jackpot value and that no one can modify it."

Right now we have 3 jackpots starting from:
1. 120 bits
2. 45678 bits
3. 987654 bits (aka 0,98 bitcoin)

We offer the starting chips for each jackpot, and then they will be supported from wagered money.

The site is supported by MoneyPot so you benefit from all their features.
- faucet: receiving free bits to train yourself.
- chat: where you can talk with other players, or ask questions. A mod will be there most of the time to answer you.
- provably fair!
+ Autobet function with multiple options to set a personal strategy.

Our goal is to offer a great experience and good quality services and we will work hard for that to happen.
So give it a try and help us improve the game by sending a feedback!!!

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