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We are adding signatures as a perk!

CoinGuyCoinGuy Administrator
edited March 2016 in Meta
There used to be a feature that allowed people to add a Bitcoin Address in their profiles, which I have sunsetted. I've decided it was not very usable and wanted something more flexible for people here, who maybe wanted to share something else.

So say hello to Signatures! Right now Signatures are a perk for a new level I have created called Member Plus.

This rank will be given to members automatically, once they meet certain criteria (just be a consistently good contributor, and it will show up after some time, trust me). The rules about Bitcoin begging still apply, but I think adding signatures makes for something interesting for users. Signatures will still be policed to ensure they meet appropriate community standards, and do not deter from the community experience (racist/rude signatures, for example).

Once you have become MemberPlus, go to your signature settings, from the edit profile screen to add your signature. Have fun :)


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