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Have You Tried Bitcoin Mining?

CoinGuyCoinGuy Administrator
edited April 2013 in Bitcoin Mining
Personally, I have tried Bitcoin Mining, but even with a pool, unless you have a super computer you will get measly hash rates. I think the highest I got was 686 mHash/s. Frankly I have given up on the mining gig for Bitcoins. I am looking at Litecoins and Feathercoins now. What about you? Have you tried mining. What was your experience like?


  • I've been mining with GPU's for a couple years at least..

    I currently have a modest 2.2 giga hashs. a mix of 58XX series AMD Gpus (5830-5850-5870)

    As of late, April 21st, I've been making around 0.10 btc a day..  give or take a bit due to variance.

    Its better than nothing!  Add's up...
  • CoinGuyCoinGuy Administrator
    It's true it does add up! Unfortunately I came later to the game and donated a great computer I could have used for this. At least its going to a good cause :)
  • Where are you from ? do you have a bitcointalk name ? just curious
  • CoinGuyCoinGuy Administrator
    edited April 2013
    bitcointalk name is coinguycanada, I'm from Montreal :)
  • And you're not Adamstgbit ?   
  • CoinGuyCoinGuy Administrator
    edited April 2013
    Sorry not me.  I guess that makes two Bitcoin fans in Montreal :D
  • There is quite a few of you guys from montreal...   You're not alone thats for sure...
    Im outside of toronto, across the lake from it actually..  :)
  • CoinGuyCoinGuy Administrator
    Cool. I guess we are in pockets, because most of my friends start to glare off to space when I talk Bitcoins. Oh well. Glad you joined the community. I hope we can spread it so we can get some good Canadian Bitcoin information. I only started this forum because I found it hard to find stuff I needed.

    I hope to add more and more specific Canadian content and you can too...Seems like you are a real Bitcoin expert..
  • Yup, long time enthusiast, been there done that kinda bitcoin guy..  

    If you need anything, dont hesitate to ask.. Cheers! :D
  • CoinGuyCoinGuy Administrator
    Thanks for that. We can use all the good press to move this forward in Canada. We always seem to lag other countries when it comes to this. I figure we are about 6-12 months, before Bitcoins will start to be more prevalent in Canada. I hope this forum can fill a need in the community to centralize the Canadian viewpoint and push more rapid adoption of it for business. To me this will starts with users Googling about "Bitcoins in Canada" or "Canada Bitcoins". I want us to show up first so users can get the info they need, from getting a wallet, to buying/selling Bitcoins and more. That's also why I chose this forum software. It's super easy to use --and it's Canadian (Montreal company)--Go Vanilla!
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