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Official PM&GoBelle Thread

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I think it's less spammy if I put everything in a single thread. For this reason I won't create any other thread, I'll just post updates here for and; both stores accept over 40 cryptocurrencies. I have other cryptocurrency stores that I'll keep separate of these two because they are more specialized and uninteresting for larger audiences.

Anyway... we had our first sale on GoBelle a few days ago and I'm very happy about this; it was with NXT. Now I'm obviously a fan of NXT and I hope it goes up because we're not trading the coins.

ProductMonth has infinitely more sales and we're concentrating on it for the time being.
Current contest:
Use the contact form from the website to tell us your online marketing idea! If it's not present in the list from "Best Marketing Resources", you'll receive a FREE! instant invite to this exclusive community!
Permanent giveaway:
Each month we'll randomly select a subscriber through and give him a product of the month for free!
And for those paying with cryptocurrencies, we have a coupon that will work with any product/s only until the end of this month (April 2016): "cryptotakeover"


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    This month we have started accepting these cryptocurrencies as well: AsiaDigiCoin, CreditBit, MyriadCoin, SativaCoin, TransferCoin and UniversalCurrency contest for May 2016:
    Use the contact form from the website to try guessing five of the ten writings from our world-changing pack! If you're successful, you will receive the entire pack for FREE!!

    Unrelated: We're delighted SegWit is going live soon!
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