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CoinFest 2017

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In 2016, CoinFest advanced across Asia, bringing crypto cheer to 5 continents. 2017 will be the year we cover the entire inhabited world. Running from April 3-9, all of last years' most exciting events will be returning, and while the criteria to have your event added to the map at are now more strict, we expect more nodes than ever before as major companies have joined the movement.

CoinFest's founder will be focused solely on improving the decentralized programs such as the International Hangout and building DAO infrastructure. For those true at heart to the cause of decentralization, CoinFest has proven a great and cost-effective way to gain publicity about your project, and we encourage you to step up and organize one in your neck of the woods. Organizers now congregate for discussion at, where we're keeping track of all of the activities and events.


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