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Best way to monitor a bitcoin farm???

Hi i am opening a Bitcoin farm and was wondering what is the best way to monitor my employe's from over sea's .



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    You can use a open source product called Centreon to monitor snmp and snmp traps. Make sure you follow the guidelines on how to implement secure SNMP v3 and how it's used to monitor using mibs provided by the vendor. SNMP, it's a piece of software/protocol that can look at all the hardware usage/manage it. All the stuff you want (THs rate, uptimes, power consumption) use SNMP to report back what it finds whatever you program a mib to look at and calculate usages. Centreon is a front end reporting tool, it gathers metrics and does trending with benchmarks.

    You ask your miner to open SNMP in the firewall on his end with your IP and mac address only, and you allow the same thing on your end. Then you set up a trap listener to capture the SNMP packets using Centreon to notify, report or manage. Think of centreon as 1/10th a Lan-Admin in a can, it just takes care of stuff you ask it to do.

    If you are looking for a commercial version for monitoring software, Centreon's commercial equivalent is Nagios/HP Openview/Tivoli. They can be a little expensive and the little bit of extra elbow grease it takes to get Centreon working seems much easier than what the enterprise IT shops price things in.

    If you aren't a linux nerd try using SolarWinds for Windows (7 or better), it's a good Canadian product, it's reasonably priced and the support is good plus there are a bunch of configuration wizards in it to help people through the hard stuff. Or at least get a sense of what button does what in the console. HOWEVER, if you are making serious money, you might want to pay the extra for the enterprise stuff that's really a business decision based on business continuity at that point.
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    Oh yeah. For the security stuff you'll want to exchange self signed certificates before popping holes open in your firewalls. Especially if dealing with your business data.

    However best case scenario for security for business data is setting up a vpn tunnel. It's cheap and the options out there are pretty good. Just google "vpn tunnel services" and there's a zillion reviews and lots of choices. Pick a five star that fits your budget and the VPN setup is usually a piece of software that's way less fiddly than command line and less prone to configuration errors.
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