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Open-world FPS-shooter/RPG in Development

BruceWayneBruceWayne Member Plus
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Good god it's been a long-ass time since I posted here, but, I've been a little bit busy with a side-project which became a primary project.

For pretty well the last 9-months I've been putting as much free-time aside as possible towards working a game I decided I needed to do. Technically speaking my education has always been English Literature/Political Science double-major, which I decided to go into rather than anything related with computers because I was quite literally a "child prodigy" in computers growing up being a TA to the grade 7 class in computer sciences when I was in grade 1 (I remember this quite vividly because when you're in grade 1 people in grade 7 are at least twice your height), and figured "well, shit. I can probably pick up anything in computers if I really wanted to" so why study the obvious?

About The Game

The game is an open-world sandbox so you can technically do whatever you want. I'm declining the absolute details of the game mainly because the main story is still being written, but, I would like to suggest that Bitcoin is the dominant currency in game (even if test audiences do not like this). I subscribe very heavily to the Tolstoy school-of-writing which means there are dozens of characters-all equally important-that dictate how a story may end. Potentially you can play this game dozens of times and get a different ending each time. Someone will be pissed off along the line no matter what. Maybe there's a "best ending" but that's not for me to dictate.

I'm getting very close to the point where I'd like to start crowd-funding so I no longer have to resort to bribing/tricking/black-mailing voice actors and can legally use 80% of the sounds which are being used. Which isn't to say the game will be released.If I knew for certain that the game would be released I'd be looking for pre-sales to cover many of the costs, but, that would imply a product will be released. This can still fail, which is also saying the thousands of hours I spent modelling/animating/detailing/scripting/writing where in waste, which I cannot do.

I do have a demo, but at this point it's little more than a walking/shooting sim so it's not worth releasing. I believe in the coming months I will have something more entertaining once the script is set in stone and many of the functions are as well. But until that time I'd like to leave you with these screen-shots.



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