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Introducing DealCoin on Havelock Investments

worldbridgerworldbridger Member
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Greetings all

I am Hakim, the founder of DealCoin (

Dealcoin is an In-Person Bitcoin exchange platform. Dealcoin enables the direct buying and selling of Bitcoins between members of a local community. Once the elements of a Bitcoin transaction have been agreed upon by the parties, the transaction can be done through the chosen channel such as hand to hand cash exchange, payment through a bank transfer or an online transfer system. Dealcoin does not charge any commission on the trades and is not involved in any fiat currency trades.

Dealcoin’s is launching today (Sept 3rd) an initial public offering of 50,000 units @ 0.01 BTC through Havelock Investments, representing 40% of the company. For more info, please visit

You may also download the IPO prospectus for more details at

I am available to answer any questions you may have, so please ask away. :)


  • CoinGuyCoinGuy Administrator
    edited September 2013
    Thanks for posting here @worldbridger, I guess the main question is: How is it better, or different, than localbitcoins?
  • Hi @coinguy
    DealCoin offers a different approach to market maker aka dealers. Dealers prices are not based on an equation of the btc price on other exchanges. Instead they are set more dynamically on a per request basis: When a member of the site requests to buy or sell coins, dealers will make an offer based on the quantity of coins requested, the reputation of the member and the market price.
    Additionally, DealCoin is based on a bind bidding system where dealers do not see the prices offer by others. This should help keep the bid/offer spread tighter.
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