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CoinMafia - Play Free Game & Collect Bitcoins

QuimbyQuimby Member
edited March 2017 in Bitcoin Games
Welcome in Drockwood, in city of Crime

"This is Drockwood, corrupted and mafia ruled city where no-one is safe anymore, many people left to find a better life somewhere else. Gangs of organized crimes are trying to take control over the whole city and wars between mafia clans and police forces are here on daily basis. Police is loosing control over the city day by day and begins to be desperate. Meanwhile Big Mafia Bosses see an opportunity to take final control over the city, slave reaming citizens and earn Billions of coins."
COINMAFIA is a free RPG (Role Play Game) in corrupted city DrockWood in the near future where is almost no law and order anymore. If you are brave enough, you can stand up and use this desperate situation for your own profit.

- More than 90 different kind of Crimes
- Complete Missions for Don Seladon
- Build your career and reputation in underground of Drockwood City
- Challenge other players and Mafia Families
- Collect money from victim of your crimes and became a rich and powerful Boss.
- Redeem your virtual coins into real prizes â€" gift cards, pc games, electronics or even Paypal and Bitcoins.

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