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QuadrigaCX Funding delays? Direct Bank Transfers Recommended!

CoinGuyCoinGuy Administrator
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If you are new to using Quadrigacx, and you may be due to the surge in Bitcoin pricing, make sure you take this advice shared on reddit:

Due to the surge in demand for our services we are experiencing a backlog of e-Transfer fundings which may result in delays longer than 24hrs for the funds to be added to your account. To expedite your fundings, if your bank is on our list for Direct Bank Transfers, we encourage users use this option instead.



  • Either I didn't notice that warning, or it was put up after I had submitted my funding request. Either way, it is happening again. Coming up to 24h since I submitted the funding request. Not impressed. Could somebody from QuadrigaCX explain why it's taking so long to accept email transfers? Do other exchanges have this issue?

  • CoinGuyCoinGuy Administrator
    @earlmo I wrote this on March 17th, but I've noticed sometimes it takes 48 hours, sometimes it's very quick. I am sure your money is fine. There may be less issue at other exchanges with less volume, but then there could be a risk. Although, I can say and have gotten very popular over the last little while...
  • Correct, as per the note added to the e-Transfer funding page early last week, "Due to an unprecedented surge in demand for e-Transfer funding, we currently have a backlog which may delay your funding beyond 24hrs. If you need a faster method we encourage you to use Interac Online or Direct Bank Transfer funding options as an alternative."

    However, we'll have some new convenient funding and withdrawal methods added to the exchange within the coming weeks that should make all users very happy to see, especially as they will offer limits higher than the $3K that users are limited to with e-Transfer.
  • Okay, so for those keeping track it took just over 48 hours for the funding to be accepted. Painful to have to spend the weekend watching bitcoin fall even further then have it rise above your original buy point by the time the funding is in place. On top of that, withdrawal of the bitcoin took a full eight hours!

    I will say that with my previous QCX exchanges it normally has taken 3 hours for funding and less than 10 minutes to get the bitcoin transferred out. I hope it returns to that level.

  • md4033md4033 Member
    I notice that TD isnt supported for direct bank transfers. That limits us to bank wires? Also interac online doesnt seem to work through TD either.
  • CoinGuyCoinGuy Administrator
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    I see TD listed or I am missing out what you mean? Have you emailed Quadriga? Might be worth looking at another bank if you can. I would not use my primary bank for bitcoins....based on what others have told me here. I don't trade like I did, though....
  • random_guyrandom_guy Member
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    @QCXDuane I withdrew funds with an Express Bank Transfer early on 10/05/2017 and have not received funds yet. Is there a delay with the express transfers as well? Cheers
  • CoinGuyCoinGuy Administrator
    I personally had a small delay. Within 36 hours I saw the money. I think they are having a huge spike in volume.
  • There are sporadic delays here and there with various items, mostly with verifications. During surges of activity we ask you to give us 24hrs grace. If you don't receive your funds after that grace period then feel free to email support.
  • CoinGuyCoinGuy Administrator
    I figured you guys were seeing a spike with activity, that's why I didn't freak :p
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