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Need help/ advice on wallet set-up

So I'm relatively new to Bitcoin, was using a few years ago via Xapo. Unfortunately, my computer was fried in a power outage and lost everything. Tried to recover accounts and wasn't able to remember which email address was linked to what wallet... Now getting back into using Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies, I mainly play games, use faucets.etc. Have done a few purchases. In regards to games and faucets, I've seen numerous warnings etc. Wallet address isn't for games, rewards, etc.. How are you supposed to properly set up a wallet for such things? I initially had wallets between various platforms and wasn't really having much luck. Also, what is the best wallet for various cryptocurrencies? Right now I mainly use Bitcoin, Ether, and occasionally Zcash. Thank you for advice and help in advance cheers.

p.s. sorry if I posted in wrong thread.


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