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So I'm relatively new to Bitcoin, was using a few years ago via Xapo. Unfortunately, my computer was fried in a power outage and lost everything. Tried to recover accounts and wasn't able to remember which email address was linked to what wallet... Now getting back into using Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies, I mainly play games, use faucets.etc. Have done a few purchases. In regards to games and faucets, I've seen numerous warnings etc. Wallet address isn't for games, rewards, etc.. How are you supposed to properly set up a wallet for such things? I initially had wallets between various platforms and wasn't really having much luck. Also, what is the best wallet for various cryptocurrencies? Right now I mainly use Bitcoin, Ether, and occasionally Zcash. Thank you for advice and help in advance cheers.

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  • If you're not talking huge amounts, you can look at
  • cool thanks, guy. Also, I'm able to use the wallet address jaxx automatically generates right? I noticed with coinbase and other platforms said not for various deposits. Got a bit confused by that. Also, are there any pools in regards to mining? I'm still reading through countless articles and threads atm.
  • For web wallets, I am a big fan of Bitgo for all things bitgo.

    For non webwallets, I love Copay and Breadwallet.

    For multi-currency... I think Jaxx is the only option right now?
  • I heard Bitgo is good. Years ago, I started out with Xapo, then after losing all my info, switched to Coinbase, then that became obsolete. Now trying to figure out what my options are. Also, if someone doesn't have the money to invest in putting together a rig to do mining. Are faucets basically the only alternative? On unemployment atm, so funds are limiting in regards to forking out a ton of cash to invest in ming. Thanks for the insight so far :)
  • Hmm,

    Well if you are looking to earn bitcoin, Bitaccess has a program right now to help verify locations. We are giving away bitcoin. You still have to have a couple of dollars though, because part of the location verification process is confirming the location is live by conducting a purchase there.

    A few years ago, there was a subreddit, JobsForBitcoin that was decent. There is also another subreddit, /beermoney i think? That has ways to earn a few dollars at a time for completing surveys or small, odd tasks.

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    @bitacesswill, if your still looking for people to verify locations let me know. I don't drive sadly, however i'm downtown, and live within walking distance of numerous landmarks, attractions, etc. I most likely could do transactions that are required to verify the location, depending on the amount per verification. I looked into some of the beer money things, they seemed kind of obsolete or few and far between. I'm considering the surveys... Currently, not working. So I have a lot of time to invest in personal hobbies and ventures while looking for a new job/ stable income.
  • Send an email with your location to . We'll shoot you some more information no later than Monday.
  • Exodus is another handy multi-currency wallet for the desktop. Unfortunately I don't think it supports all the currencies you mentioned but it does support the bigger players (btc, eth, ltc, etc). They are usually adding more regularly as well, so keep an eyes on the project at the very least.

    There is another a mobile (Android) wallet called Coinomi that seems to have a pretty big showing of coins supported.
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