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Blockgeeks Lab Hackathon April 21-23

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Blockgeeks Lab announces its $25,000 Blockchain Hackathon with Vitalik Buterin, April 21 - 23 at MaRS
Discovery District in Toronto.

A Toronto native and one of Canada’s leading technology visionaries, Vitalik is the inventor of the world's 2nd largest and fastest growing public blockchain, ethereum. On Friday, April 21st, Vitalik will take center stage at MaRS Discovery District to discuss the power of the blockchain. Vitalik’s speech will center around ‘crypto-economics’, the union of cryptography and economics which is at the heart of public blockchain technology.

“Blockchain is a major technological invention over the last decade that creates unprecedented opportunities to re-think the way the world operates and interacts.” says Dmitry Buterin, Founding Partner of Blockgeeks Lab. “We think it’s time more Canadian’s know about blockchain and the story of ethereum, which was created by my son Vitalik, right here in Toronto.”

While blockchain solutions continue to grow and impact many industries, there is still a considerable amount of confusion about what it is and how it can be applied to existing systems. To help address these concerns, Blockgeeks Lab will be presenting fellow industry experts alongside Vitalik - Jeff Coleman, Head of Technology Ledger Labs; Matthew Spoke, CEO and Co-founder at Nuco; and Michael Young, CTO at Paycase.

This special event is open to all technology enthusiasts that want to learn new and valuable insights about blockchain technology, as well as form meaningful industry connections. To purchase tickets please visit

Then on Saturday, April 22, a 2-day hackathon kicks off that is open to all developers who want to get together with world class experts like Vitalik to create blockchain applications and have the chance to win up to $25,000 in cash prizes. “Toronto is becoming a hotbed for cryptocurrencies and blockchain innovation. We want to bring developer talent together with the goal of Toronto becoming a global leader in the blockchain industry,” say Dmitry Buterin.

Participants will work in teams over a 38 hour period to create a blockchain idea from scratch. Teams will present their final products to a panel of expert judges on Sunday, April 23, where the final winners will be selected.

Developers can apply before April 16th at

About Blockgeeks Lab

Blockgeeks Lab is a blockchain startup co-creation company. They combine technical visionaries, seasoned entrepreneurs, and strategic capital to build new companies using decentralized applications. For more information please visit
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