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Interact E-Transfer Fraud

Just wanted to let people know that if you are selling bitcoin to users online with e-transfer use extreme caution and only do trades with those you trust.
I had an incident where I sold some bitcoins to a person on localbitcoins with e-transfer, a method I had used many times before and the transaction was not accepted by my bank. Thought it odd but just cancelled the trade and agreed with the buyer that would try again the next day. Well next day i get up to find that i cannot access my bank account through their web portal. I contact customer service and i'm told i need to go into my branch to discuss something. So i go there and the teller informs me that my account has been suspended due to a fraudulent transaction.
I had made 5 other e-transfers the night before so I ask what transaction was fraud and she wont say, just that it was one of the e-transfers so the bank automatically flagged all of them as fraud and that all would be held until they were cleared. Asking me what i sold I honestly told them I sold some bitcoin at which point they suggested they would all be fraud then, without giving a clear reason.
Discussing it with the manager I was told their fraud department would begin an investigation and that for their safety they could not allow me to access any of my accounts until it was cleared. Could be a few days or even months i'm told until it was concluded. All I could do was to call the customer support line and ask to talk to their fraud department for an update on the investigation status.
The next morning i called and was middle manned with between the csr and the fraud dept who said i need to contact all the buyers and have them contact their banks to confirm that their transactions were authorized. So i have to basically ask everyone, hey did you try to defraud me? and if not can you contact your bank? Ridiculous! But immediately after the call ends I get a call from the branch manager, She doesn't know why I could talk direct to fraud so she gives me a special number to call. I call this and get the fraud dep direct, and now I can start to get some information. Well 1/5 tx's that confirmed was flagged as fraud, one for 75, but wouldn't give me the name. I did two for that number so at least narrowed it down for me. Also told me that by calling I was showing that I was indeed a victim in this case and that things would be cleared up quickly and all i need to do now was go back to my branch and tell the manager to just hold the suspect tx and release the rest of my funds. I go there and the manager calls fraud herself and comes back to say, sorry fraud says its too high risk and they wont release the funds. I leave call fraud back and they tell me this is not true and to go back to the bank again. ugh. I do but now the manager is on a conference call and cant see me. So i go home and leave a voicemail for her explaining what fraud told me. 2 hours later i can now access my funds less $215 which were on hold apparently they assumed another 140 tx was bad aswell? Fine I let it be and can resume normal banking. 2 weeks later the held funds are now released back to me. They were not fraud none of the tx's were, just the last one that wouldn't even let me deposit was. But just for attempting to receive fraudulent funds, my account is now flagged and I cannot use any online certapay services for life or until i can provide evidence for fraud.
From what I've learned through google fraud on e-transfers is not uncommon, and those who are in receipt of such funds are viewed and treated as if they were the ones committing fraud when really we are the true victims since the banks can reverse the transactions and leave me out of coin. So do yourself a favor and only use this service with friends and family and not strangers on the net.


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