Montreal Flooding

CoinGuyCoinGuy Administrator
Hey guys , if you may not know I live in Montreal, but more specifically right on border of Pierrefonds/Roxboro which is a borough (county) of Montreal. Right now we are suffering from a flood not seen in it's history.

Thankfully my house is not yet inundated, but it's close. Maybe 2 blocks away. Anyway, don't worry. I am fine for now... I wouldn't be at work, if I was nervous that my house would be flooded today.

Here is an idea of what it looks like at the moment

I have been donating my time after work to help neighbors, donating food to the evacuated, ect. However, I feel safe enough to come to work. I moved my stuff that's important to the second floor of my house.

If you wish to donate, the Red Cross has opened a fund, but it looks like they don't accept Bitcoin and YesToBitcoin no longer seems to offer it. Anyway the link is here:

In full transparency, I have not donated myself yet, because I am not sure if my house will be safe. It's far from over, because the dams close to the city are overloaded.

I hope if you live in the region you stay safe.
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