Has anyone made money with nicehash?
If yes, what is the best GPU/CPU set up for a newbie?


  • techguytechguy Member
    Coinplug I just started with NiceHash and although I haven't actually got to the minimum payout I am making money each day according to the statistics. This is just a test for me with an Intel Celeron processor, 2Gb RAM and a GTX 1070 with 8Gb RAM. I'm getting almost 460 Sols/s with Equihash.
  • ZPuddZPudd Member
    I've been using NiceHash for about 3 weeks now and made the minimum payout (0.01 BTC) after about 14 days with my 390X gpu. However, I made the mistake of using one of NiceHash's recommended sites for a wallet ( While they do have my 0.01 BTC they do not allow selling/transfers to Canada so it is stuck there until I figure out how to get it released. I should have researched this more but i'm still new to this mining game so i'm working through my growing pains.

    I'm changing it to a Canadian wallet as we speak. I have heard NiceHash is extremely easy to start up and that part is true. Through more research, however, I am finding you can earn more with different mining tools. Gonna keep using NiceHash for a while though while I get a dedicated rig going over the next few months.
  • coinplugcoinplug Member
    Using just one 390x GPU? Thats not bad for 14days.
    I also have money with can not be transfer or sold in CAD dollar apparently, stuck with coinbase. I've requested them to allow a usd transfer or sale of the account. Let me know if you find a method for Canadian customers with funds at coinbase.
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