Has anyone made money with nicehash?
If yes, what is the best GPU/CPU set up for a newbie?


  • techguytechguy Member
    Coinplug I just started with NiceHash and although I haven't actually got to the minimum payout I am making money each day according to the statistics. This is just a test for me with an Intel Celeron processor, 2Gb RAM and a GTX 1070 with 8Gb RAM. I'm getting almost 460 Sols/s with Equihash.
  • ZPuddZPudd Member
    I've been using NiceHash for about 3 weeks now and made the minimum payout (0.01 BTC) after about 14 days with my 390X gpu. However, I made the mistake of using one of NiceHash's recommended sites for a wallet ( While they do have my 0.01 BTC they do not allow selling/transfers to Canada so it is stuck there until I figure out how to get it released. I should have researched this more but i'm still new to this mining game so i'm working through my growing pains.

    I'm changing it to a Canadian wallet as we speak. I have heard NiceHash is extremely easy to start up and that part is true. Through more research, however, I am finding you can earn more with different mining tools. Gonna keep using NiceHash for a while though while I get a dedicated rig going over the next few months.
  • coinplugcoinplug Member
    Using just one 390x GPU? Thats not bad for 14days.
    I also have money with can not be transfer or sold in CAD dollar apparently, stuck with coinbase. I've requested them to allow a usd transfer or sale of the account. Let me know if you find a method for Canadian customers with funds at coinbase.
  • Take care before to start with Nicehash since their profitability calculator gives an average on the last month.
    When the global hashing rate increases quickly the profitability drops day after day and the number given by Nicehash is sometimes obsolete. It's presently the case with the Antminer D3.
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