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CoinFest 2018

In keeping with tradition, CoinFest 2018 will be held on the first full week (Monday-Sunday) of April, which is April 2-8. We still need to update the CoinFest 2018 page... let us know if you want to organize a CoinFest in your city so we can add it to the map. Supporting organizations and sponsors on the Homepage will soon be reset, so anybody who wants to sponsor us this year should please reach out, as well.

While everyone waits for updates about that, check out our Previous Events page, which now shows all the cool stuff we did at this year's CoinFest. Also, we've successfully created our new 3-of-6 multisignature wallet and transferred to it all remaining funds from the old one... we now have over $3000 worth of BTC already in store, as the updated Transparency page now shows. :smile:


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