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Selling Ethereum from Coinbase

Hi guys,

New to the world of cryptocurrency and recently opened an account up with Coinbase only to realize that they do not support Canadian withdrawals. Wish I had known this before opening the account. I've searched through the forums and found some information on how to get around this but am still somewhat unclear.

It is my understanding that to withdraw my ether from Coinbase to a Canadian account I will have to transfer the ether to a Canadian supported platform such as Coinsquare or Quadrigacx. After doing some research I'm leaning towards Quadrigacx as my preferred platform. My understanding is that once I open an account with Quadrigacx I'd use that accounts address to transfer the ether from my Coinbase account.

My questions has three parts:

1.) is my train of thought correct in withdrawing my ether from Coinbase to Quadrigacx?
2.) once the transfer is complete to Quadrigacx how does the withdrawal process to my Canadian bank account work? Are the funds automatically converted and deposited directly to my account?
3.) is Quadrigacx an easy platform to buy ether and withdraw to a Canadian bank account?

Any support would be appreciated. Thanks in advance!


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