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Selling Ethereum from Coinbase



  • Seems to be taking a long time to get confirmation for my Litecoin transfer...says still pending with 0 confirmations...Is this normal...sorry about all the questions ...
  • CoinGuyCoinGuy Administrator
    edited July 2017
    @Bitcoinlover not sure where you are doing the transfer, but the higher the fee, the faster it goes :)

    Just be patient it will get there... :smiley:
  • I'm not even sure what the fee was or if I had the option to increase it, but it's from Coinbase to Quadrigacx.
  • Okay, just got the notification that Quadrigacx has the transfer :smile: thx for the help!
  • BruceWayneBruceWayne Member Plus
    @CoinGuy I'm really more of a swing-trader nowadays and let my bots run all the rest. If I see something that's clearly been dumped and has good fundamentals behind it I'll step in start buying like I have with ETH lately and BTC when it was being dumped last week.

    As for confirmations Litecoin will be a little bit slower than Ethereum. ETH has blocks every few seconds whereas Litecoin every few minutes. Plus everyone and their dog seems to be mining ETH which probably explains why there are no high-end AMD GPUs around anymore, and if there are they're massively overpriced which is annoying to people who just want a high-end AMD GPU with no intentions to mine.

    As for going long I personally wouldn't be doing it on either. I was loading up on ETH at around the 0.02-0.04 BTC range (roughly $100) and LTC at 0.01 BTC ($10) and have sold off chunks of it. If ETH goes below 0.08 BTC or $200 USD I'll probably pick up a few to sell higher, same with LTC in the low 0.015-0.01 BTC range.

    I tend to keep cash and BTC on had to go dumpster-diving when things start selling off since volatility has been going up quite a bit in anticipation of Segwit on BTC. I think after the dust has settled from that I'd be more willing to sit down and figure out what's worth buying. If you're going long via cash then either should be decent
  • CoinGuyCoinGuy Administrator
    @BruceWayne absolutely agree with you. If I had to choose between Litecoin and ETH, I would choose ETH. I am more bullish on it's future. Nevertheless, Bitcoin to me is still primary in my eyes.....
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