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The era of crypto-currency. How Digital Currencies Change the World

In the era of the digital world, the monetary system is constantly changing, and things what has been popular recently is being replaced by improved payment systems. Innovations are often aggressively reacted by conservatives, as it always was. Many members of large monetary systems are not very flattering about any payment aggregators that are associated with the cryptocurrency. Some of them argue that untimely innovation should be simply ignored, because there are enough currencies in the world, and there is no need to invent something new. Against this background, as a response to bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies existing monetary systems are working on their own developments and improvements in technology.

The payment industry is going through a period of revolution. In Japan, bitcoin has already become the official legal means of payment. Such news attract many investors who actively started investing in this currency. In this regard, the course of bitcoin began to grow rapidly, warming the interest of a large number of people. Nigeria and China are also very interested in working with bitcoin. This is due to the fact that there are very unpleasant restrictions in the export of foreign currency and the purchase of foreign currency in these countries.

There two types of people who invest in bitcoin: speculators (who want to cash in on the universal hype around the cryptocurrency), and also people who want to stay away from central banks and protect themselves from inflation in the market. Investing in bitcoin brings incredibly attractive amounts of funds. Such investment can bring about 30% per month, whereas contributions to the most popular joint-stock companies bring only 1%. But fluctuations in the bitcoin rate are almost 90%, which is 86% more than the fluctuations of rate in the same companies. Bitcoin is the best stuff to diversify your investment portfolio. But almost all experts are not advised to make a long-term bet on it.

How does the cryptocurrency affect the world?
The use of digital currencies gives users the opportunity to stay in the shadows and conduct transactions anonymously. Everyone wants to get out of control from the state, so they are more and more interested in the cryptocurrency market. In many countries, cryptocurrency has already become a way of paying for various goods and services. In other regions, investments in various currencies are becoming popular. The most common procedure is the ICO, which is also associated with virtual money. The company, for the sake of financing its own idea, issues a new token that sells to crypto investors, and attract the necessary amount of attention and money to the project.

Among the innumerable number of various projects ICO, a potential crypto investor needs to carefully analyze the provided information to choose only real projects for investment purposes. Ventureon can serve as an example of such projects, because it combines a real product and absolutely legal ICO structure. You can find many examples of nice ICO, but Ventureon offers a real implementation of the project within the functioning Hypercube Ventures fund.
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