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FinTab – The Accounting System for Cryptocurrency Portfolios

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FinTab – The Accounting System for Cryptocurrency Portfolios.
Keep a record of cryptocurrencies and analyze the current state of your funds on various exchanges and e-wallets with the help of our system. We already have a working beta-version of our service.

The pre-ICO starts October 12


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    We are glad to announce that pre-ICO has been successfully completed!
    We raised $ 78,363, closing the Soft Cap by 124%.

    Thanks to all participants! Your support at the early stage is extremely important for us. Thanks to you we will be able to make the best service.

    This week we will make an announcement of all the changes, we have worked out the ideas of new features of the system:
    - P2P interactions between users: traders will be able to sell information about their crypto-portfolios through our system. In addition the rating of the best traders will be compiled.
    - Advertising platform. Placement and display of advertising will be held in a decentralized form; each user can disable or enable the advertising. For the ads view the user obtains tokens from the advertisers.
    - Analytical system and recommendations for trade with the use of AI.

    We remind you that the main purpose of FNT tokens is to pay for the service. The service helps to keep a record of the crypto-currency, analyze the current financial state on various exchanges and purses.

    Start of the main stage of ICO: December, 14
    End: January, 14
    Additional closed stage of sales (pre-sale): December, 10-13
    We will make an announcement of the bounty-program in the near future.

    We had to postpone the ICO date for 2 weeks: we are interested in making our ICO successful. We want to carefully prepare and make ICO as attractive for investors as possible. We will make the best service for the financial accounting of the crypto-currency.

    We are already negotiating with the exchanges for tokens to enter the market after ICO
    Participate in beta-testing of the service; your feedback is very important for us
    If any questions ask Grigory on Telegram: @grigory_gm (

  • A few days ago we have come back from the Blockchain & Bitcoin Conference, which was held on November 30 in Limassol (Cyprus).

    Our COO Grigory Maltsev recorded a short video report from the conference for you

    Also on November 30, we delivered an informational report and pitch our product to the investors on the Internet EXPO 2017 in Yekaterinburg (Russia).

    We were glad to know that we have support of the crypto-community and funds are interested in our service.

    The Pre-Sale starts 10 December. The minimum investment amount is $8,000. 1 FNT price = $0.25.
  • There are 7 days left before the ICO starts and we want FinTab service to be recognized all over the world.

    Therefore we will fly to the Blockchain Conference Abu Dhabi, which will be held on December 7th.

    Also we have an appointment on the in Cryptospace Moscow (Russia) which will be held on December 8th.

    We remind you that the Pre-Sale starts 10 December. The minimum investment amount is $8,000. 1 FNT price = $0.25. Apply to Pre-Sale on our Website.
  • FinTabFinTab Member
    Fintab InvestBox on Yobit exchange

    We are making service for accounting tracking of cryptocurrency. In February, we have finished ICO and now we are holding Investbox.

    This is a great opportunity to make profit on real project, without losing on Liza and Lambo!

    About Investbox:
    Coin: FinTab (FNTB)

    Interest rate: 3%
    Payment frequency: Daily
    Minimal deposit: 200
    Maximum deposit: 5000

    Special features of Investbox and project.
    Investbox by developers is not a short-term pump or waste of tokens.

    Fintab — is a service for cryptocurrency tracking and monitoring of your portfolio. This app is working effectively and dynamically developing by our team: - Android - iOS - Web app - information about token and successful ICO completion.

    Token is a payment mean in the service. The more the number of the users — the higher the token’s price will be. That’s why it is reasonable to hold token and wait for its active demand by users.

    The main thing — when will be the launch?
    Launch is on 12th of July.
    Keep up the pace! Stay tuned and don’t miss the opportunity to take part in cool Investbox by real project! - chat room about Investbox from Fintab - service chat room

    — 3% interest rate? Why so little?
    — Because this is not a shitcoin. It is a coin in real project.
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