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Have you ever sent your coins to a wrong address? Trezor might have a solution

Guide: Coin recovery tool

For cryptocurrencies to be more user-friendly, they should be easily distinguishable from each other from the very first look. Since there are no physical bills, this is made slightly difficult, but it is not impossible. After all, there are different wallets for different currencies, different tickers or labels, but most importantly, different address formats. In fact, distinctive addresses are the last thing that keep you from sending your coins to the wrong wallet. Unfortunately, as we have lately witnessed, this protection has failed with Litecoin’s P2SH addresses and with the Bitcoin Cash hard fork. As a consequence, many transactions were sent to wrong addresses, into incorrect accounts and wallets.

While we cannot solve the address problem of cryptocurrencies, we have developed a tool for TREZOR users, which, in most cases, can extract coins sent to wrong addresses. The coin recovery tool can be found here.



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