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Coinfest October 12th!

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    @CoinGuy, someone took some, but I never got them. Guess I kind of forgot about it, but DON'T FRET:


    CoinFest: Round 2 is here! On October 12, starting at 12:00 PM, Waves will host the second gathering of the CoinFest to celebrate new developments in the Bitcoin community. The occasion this time? The Bitcoiniacs have brought the world's first Bitcoin ATM to Vancouver, here at Waves Coffee House! Come see for yourself! On top of that, new businesses were signed up--like Old Ginger restaurant, thanks to SFU Bitcoin Club and the Co-op--and now you can witness all the new developments happening in Bitcoin land at COINFEST: Round 2. We've got way more exciting things to check out. There will be:

    • The Coinfest physical Bitcoin Faucet, an offline Bitcoin giveaway service that provides free Bitcoins to stimulate the crypto-economy. Those who have never had any Bitcoin, before, can get a couple dollars' worth from the Faucet.

    • The Faucet also provides the prizes and bolsters the prize pool in the Bitcoin Poker Games. We have games with small buy ins for people who just want to try out using bitcoins.

    • An amazing race, in which competing teams must be first to complete tasks at each of the participating Bitcoin venues. The team to complete each task first wins a prize. The team to complete all of the tasks first wins a grand prize.

    • Live ambient music from a volunteer musician playing in the background. If you enjoy it, please consider tipping the musician a little BTC for his or her hard work.

    • Tables arranged for anyone who wants to set up demonstration booths for digital coin trading (altcoins are allowed), merchandise, or discussion about a service or cause. Accommodations will be chosen by and moderated at the discretion of the event organizer.

    • The CoinFest Mining Demo Booth, a joint project between Bryan Hellard and CoinFest! He builds and demonstrates a Bitcoin mining rig that grows via a small take from each group buy made at CoinFest. Watch the Block Erupters multiply!

    • 2 meeting rooms (1 large, 1 small), free for your booking any time during the event. Some activities may be given priority. If you have any ideas for a presentation, seminar, panel or discussion, start a comment thread about that idea or email me at

    This event is a work in progress. The above guidelines are subject to change from one CoinFest to another as necessity demands. For more detailed information or to officially RSVP for this event, see it on:

    Meet Up:
  • CoinGuyCoinGuy Administrator
    @bitcoincooperative you sending me a free ticket? But seriously, you should do a live stream that would awesome for those that can't make it ;)
  • I'll show up this time. I'm not a plague rat anymore so I'll be willing to meet the public again
  • CoinGuy said:

    @bitcoincooperative you sending me a free ticket? But seriously, you should do a live stream that would awesome for those that can't make it ;)

    Concur! We should do Google hangout's at all the meetups. Especially for those who don't live in major cities and never get to meet cool Bitcoin folks.
  • Alright, fine. I'll figure out how to do a Google hangout if @Duncebucket_ agrees to participate actively in CoinFest. ;) Then he can rep Coin Forum on the side. Convince him, @CoinGuy!
  • I'll open up a kissing booth. Rates are negotiable :p
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    @Xyver, you're running the mining demonstration--you don't have time for that.

    @Duncebucket_, I wanted you to talk about crypto trading and security structures, but we can negotiate a kissing booth if that makes you more willing to share knowledge
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    @bitcoincooperative why don't you hold the phone as @xyver does his magic? And besides handouts then become good YouTube material ;)
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