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VinChain - ICO - Decentralized Vehicle​ ​History on the Blockchain

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pre-ICO VinChain - starts 1 Dec. - Decentralized Vehicle​ ​History

The whole truth about a vehicle’s history on a blockchain.


VinChain offers a solution to reliability of the technical vehicle condition information of the purchased vehicle by leveraging the power of blockchain technology. The VinChain project unites all data providers and gives the user a complete, uninterrupted vehicle record; all without the disadvantages of a centralized database. Consumers can also significantly increase the value of their vehicles at the time of the sale by contributing to the repository of data on the blockchain with help of vehicle tracking devices. VinChain is a decentralized network that allows you to store VIN data on the blockchain, which guarantees complete data invariability. You can pay for requests on the blockchain with VinChain tokens, afterwhich the tokens will be distributed between information providers depending on the value of the provided information to the community.
Why is this project important?
- No one will be able to forge information
- With accurate vehicle information the roads will be safer all over the world
- It will create a trust-based community for dealers, united by the idea to make the market transparent to customers

I will later add slides from our whitepaper. And feel free to discuss


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    We have added the official how it works video to our youtube channel. Check it out and subscribe to follow our progress!

  • Vinchain Presents its Unique and Innovative Project at the Used Car Week 2017

    Our company, Vinchain, will be presenting our projects at the Used Car Week 2017 conference. The Used Car Week 2017 will kick off in 2 days’ time. It is a weeklong event where you will be able to network with our CEO, Alex Miles. This conference is the biggest conference in the USA that is dedicated to Used Cars. Different professionals, entrepreneurs and big guns of the industry will be there. I bet you will not want to miss this.

    At this conference, we will introduce ourselves and unveil our newest project. We will show you the different importance of technologies like Blockchain. This project is the brainchild of our intensive research and hard work since February 2017. While researching, we studied the ability of Blockchain to collect and store information. The aim is to solve the problem of asymmetrical information in the Used Car market by developing a decentralized and transparent database that records all information about vehicles.

    There are still more to discuss. To know more about our new project and technology; visit this conference. If you have any question for us to answer, you should not miss this conference. We will be there for a week to answer your questions satisfactorily. Our CEO, Alex Miles will also be around for you. It will be too much for you to miss this conference.

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  • What is the difference between Vinchain and other technologies?

    Ever since the launch of digital currencies, many people have explored what other possibilities are there when you implement the blockchain technology. Blockchain technology solves any problem associated with a centralized system. Using technology that fully depends on a centralized system has become rather difficult especially since the beginning of the Internet. Poor data storage systems have led to the increase in cyber crimes. In the automotive industry, several buyers have purchased ‘bad’ cars due to manipulation or misrepresentation of information by the seller. This is because records on vehicles are being stored by a person or company. Needless to say, having a centralized data storage system for all vehicle records gives room for manipulation for personal gains.
    However, Vinchain seeks to solve this huge problem with the help of the Blockchain technology. With its help, the information will always be transparent and up-to-date due to the decentralization of information. No one will be able to influence the data for their own aim. There will be no possibilities of losing any data. Everyone who is interested will be able to get the access to this information.
    It will also benefit every member of the automotive business, companies, and services that are connected with it. Also, the rewarding system will be fair and clear. You will receive your tokens for each request that is done by anyone on that info according to the rate of information you give us. Vinchain hopes to offer this service as soon as the project has successfully been implemented.

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  • What are the benefits of Vinchain for dealer?

    According to a survey carried out in 2013, customers believe that car dealers make a 20% profit on a new car. However, the study revealed that this was not the case. The car dealers actually make a profit of 3.8% on any new car sold and much lower on used car. Perhaps unsurprisingly, the study gave an indication that the lack of transparency in the car buying process was the reason for this belief system.

    Nowadays, there is a huge mistrust between dealers and customers. Due to the lack of information and existence of centralized data storage systems which is marred with many faults, customers have many doubts when purchasing a used car. These systems allow room for manipulation of data such as changing the provided date for your own benefit. Also, sometimes the dealer might demand a lower price because he has no idea about the real price of the car as sold in the market. Among others, these are some of the challenges that a dealer will no longer face once we launch the decentralized vehicle database.

    Vinchain will give access to authentic information about all the cars so that all providers have transparency on the vehicle records. Because of the Blockchain technology, the information can be accessed by multiple users from anywhere in the world but can never be altered or deleted. With the help of Vinchain, a dealer will be able to accurately determine the market value of the car. He/she will be able to provide full information about the car when selling it, so that the customer will not have any trust issues. Vinchain creates transparency in the car buying process. As a result in a medium-term perspective, this is a winning strategy for building loyalty among consumers.

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  • Why are we making an ICO project?

    ICOs are the best and quickest way that start-ups are raising capital in the blockchain industry. ICOs are like IPOs (Initial Public Offering) which is an event that a company opens up its shares to be traded by investors in the public. Just like the company puts up its shares for sale to the public in IPOs, new projects trade their crypto-tokens for bitcoin and ether in ICOs. Quite a number of start-ups have been able to raise an unjustified amount of capitals. Moreover, ICOs also open up a new world of opportunities.

    Vinchain plans to take the opportunities that ICOs offer. An ICO (Initial coin offering) is a great way to see if our project will actually find a feedback from people. It’s a great way to find out if it will be a demand among others and if people understand the concept the way we do. Most importantly, ICO is a good way for any startup to collect money on the project as it's easy to invest through it where there can be lots of investors.

    An ICO is a brilliant idea for startups as they usually don't have a huge budget as it does not require any spending at the beginning. All you need is a great idea and a business plan that people will want to support and will believe in. We believe that Vinchain can significantly change the industry and help the automotive business to develop in a way that there is a new level of understanding between customers and dealers. Therefore, creating an ICO opens up the door to the people in the automotive business to contribute to the development of our project.
  • VINChain Private Token Pre-sale for early investors has started

    We are glad to announce that VINchain closed pre-sale for early investors has started today! Our project has successfully implemented the blockchain technology into the decentralized vehicle database. The past few months have seen us forge partnerships with people who see the project just like us. We have answered the questions people had about our project while interacting with the business community. Through the social platforms, VINchain has engaged in conversations with interested parties who understand the problems that a decentralized vehicle database would solve. As more people grew more interested, we decided to launch a closed Pre-sale for early investor before the ITO.

    Time couldn’t be any accurate for you to buy the VINchain tokens. What’s more, the process of buying is only for the early investors. The tokens are limited so only the early birds will get a piece of this cake. Those who have subscribed will receive a discount for their purchase. To take part in a closed pre-sale you can join it through our website

    During the period from November 23 11.59 UTC till December 1 11.59 UTC you have the opportunity to purchase 10 000 VIN tokens at a price of 1 ETH with a minimum participation amount of 1 ETH. The maximum number of available tokens is 12,500,000.

    Hurry up! The number that is offered in a pre-sale is limited!

    To know more about our project you can check our social media:
  • Check out one more article about Vinchain!

    Why Decentralized Data Storage System Is Important in the Automotive Business:

    📢 We are reminding you that our closed pre-sale has already started so you can get Vinchain Tokens with 50% off‼️ Simply register there:
    ❓There are also some instructions there:

    Feel free to ask any questions. Give us a trial as hard as you can. It will make Vinchain better! 👍
  • Car History Scams and How to Avoid Them

    Cases of people being scammed for their car history are on the rise. The reality is that it can happen to anyone who decides to sell a car. Once you post an ad on the internet on any site, you become a target for them. If you are lucky, you will get an honest buyer. However, most of the times especially on sites such as Craigslist and Oodle, you are likely to get a scammer posing as an ‘interested buyer’. The interested buyer will find a way to make you pull up your car history from some website that they refer you to. The ultimate goal for the scammer is to get you to the site of which they get a commission from the lead. Once that’s done, they pretend to have changed their mind after you’ve bought your car history from their site.

    And that’s not all. Many of the existing companies that provide data about used cars are also caught in the web of this violation of the law. Such a company is Carfax which is one of the biggest commercial suppliers of vehicle history reports to individuals and businesses on used cars. Carfax has always claimed to have information about the accidents for all the 50 states in the US. However, in 2006 it turned out that they were not able to check the information about accidents in 23 states. Even though the lawsuit was settled in May 2007 in the Trumbull County Common Pleas Court in Ohio, the fight against car history scams still continues. Carfax representative revealed that more than 10 million consumers were affected. The company asserts that it has major accident information from all 50 states and it backs up its claim with a buyback guarantee. The settlement in the West v. Carfax, Inc lawsuit was overturned and the lawyers for the class never pursued the case after that.

    These are some of the problems Vinchain will solve through the decentralized vehicle database. With the help of this blockchain system, such situations are impossible to happen due to the decentralized system and absolute clarity of information.

    Just to Remind
    Our token pre-sale started. You can grab some by registering there:
  • Why Vinchain is going to be popular and profitable

    Everyone who invests in our project might have a very reasonable question why we are so confident of Vinchain being profitable?! We have several key points which will definitely persuade you - we know what are we going for!

    Experience and background:
    We started working on this project in February 2017 from studying blockchain’s ability to collect and store information. You may think that we are new to this, but you will be totally wrong. Our partner, such as Autoinspect, has been in the industry more than 10 years already, so they have gained huge experience in automotive sphere. They became our first data providers.


    We are starting from the US market because this industry is extremely developed there but we are aiming to develop our project all over the world.

    Reason for demand:
    In some states of the US, there is a prohibition on selling a car without VIN history due to the negative reputation of dealers. We believe that it’s going to be on a federal level, so the need in our reports will only increase. European Parliament is going to call for the documentation of all odometer readings starting from the 20th of May 2018 to prevent manipulations with odometers. The problem is real and existing databases are centralized what leads to series of problems.

    Market review:
    95 million cars were sold in 2016, sales are growing every single year, and manufacturers are also increasing the production. The market for all cars in the world consisted of 1.38 billion units in 2016. Together with the cost of a history report ($15), the total volume of VinChain market is $20 billion dollars. This is the analysis of trends in the largest markets of the world - USA and the European Union.

    Reason for growing token price:
    We have a limited amount of tokens so, with the growing popularity, the price on them will grow as well. Besides, we are aiming to make a partnership with so many different participants of automotive industry as possible. So that's why we, as a company, will only be receiving the smallest share of payment for the reports we will be providing. We are not looking for the quickest way to earn but for perspective growth of our tokens.

    Help us to reach the goal by participating in our presale. You will get 17 140 Vinchain tokens for 1 ETH. Don’t miss your chance to achieve success with us. You can do it here:
    To know more visit our website and check out our social media:
  • Important News! Vinchain ICO Dates Have Changed!

    During our Vinchain token presale our investors faced some issues:
    1. ETH network busyness made the token buying process really slow.
    2. There was an unpredictable fall of the ETH network for a few days when none of transactions went through.

    Some our investors did not manage to make a purchase due to these circumstances. When the presale ended, we received lots of messages saying that people were not able to buy our tokens due to all these problems. That is why we decided to make our ICO longer so everyone who is interested could take part and make a purchase.

    Our ICO will be held from the 1st of February till the 15th of April 2018. We are sure that this will be enough for all of you to get some Vinchain tokens.

    If you have any questions don't hesitate to contact us, you can do this through the telegram channel ( ) where you will get help at any time. You can talk directly to Vinchain founders and ask about all the important details.

    Join our whitelist ( ) so you could be the first to get all of the most important news and updates regarding our ICO. Follow us in social media and visit our website to learn more about all the updates of our project:

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