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VinChain - ICO - Decentralized Vehicle​ ​History on the Blockchain



  • Get ready for the VinChain ICO! Important Updates!

    Our ICO is getting closer and we want to make sure that you know all the most important information regarding it. VinChain ICO will start on the 1st of February and will be held till the 15th of April. The price policy is that the earlier you buy, the more tokens you get! Don’t miss your chance to receive the biggest discount, so take part in our ICO from the very beginning!

    We want to have an honest ICO with clear and transparent pricing. Since the price of ETH has went up significantly we also decided to raise the amount of tokens you will get for your purchase.

    So here are the prices for our ICO: We decided to make it in 7 stages so it will be easier for you to know when the price will increase. We are aiming to collect 23 250 ETH- this is our hard cap! So the first stage is from 0 to 1 290 ETH which is when you will be able to buy 28 000 tokens for 1 ETH-this is the best price we have so don’t miss it. 2nd stage: from 1 291 to 4 950 ETH sold and the price 1 ETH=25000 tokens. 3rd stage: 4 951-8 610 with the price 1 ETH=24 000. 4th stage: 8 611- 12 270 ETH sold and the price 23 000 tokens per 1 ETH. 5th stage: 12 271-15 930 ETH sold and the price 22 000 tokens for 1 ETH. 6th stage: 15 931-19 590 tokens sold and the price 1 ETH= 21 000 tokens. 7th stage: 19 591- 23 250 with the price 1 ETH=20 000 tokens.

    Hurry up to buy our tokens with the best price! To stay tuned join our whitelist ( so you will be the first to get all the most important news and updates regarding our ICO. Follow us on social media and visit our website to learn more about all the updates of the project:

  • Get Ready to Test It! Alpha Version of VINchain System!

    Ladies and Gentlemen!
    We are extremely glad to present you the Alpha Version of the VINchain System (! We have been working on this project for almost a year and now you can see the results of everything we have done! This is the prototype of the system that we will build on the blockchain and now everyone can try to use it and see the report itself! Getting all the information has never been so convenient and you can be sure in its quality which will be guaranteed by the blockchain.

    Here is the link to our Alpha Version ( To make this happen you just need to put the VIN number of a car you are interested in, choose the payment method and you will receive the report! So now you can test it and have a clear idea of what you are going to buy! Make the right decision and join us today! Now we are going to share it with all potential partners and make the contracts. In May 2018 you will be able to test it on our blockchain!

    If you have any questions don't hesitate to contact us, you can do this through the telegram channel ( where you will get help and answers 24/7. You can talk directly to the Vinchain founders and ask about all the important details.

    Join our whitelist ( so you will be always updated about out ICO news. And as one more benefit, you will have the possibility to take part in our sale for whitelist investors starting from the 29th of January. You will have all the chances to purchase tokens with the best price we have (40% bonus). Follow us in socials and visit our website to learn more information about the project:

    edited February 2018
    Our New Adviser - Matt Carpenter the CFO Audi of America & Audi Canada

    Meet our new adviser - Matt Carpenter! He is the Chief Financial Officer of Audi of America & Audi Canada. He has extensive managerial experience in the automotive industry and years of working in this sphere. We are extremely happy that such a valuable person joined our team and we’re looking forward for new synergistic ideas that will be implemented in our project.

    Matt’s professionalism speaks for itself, just by looking at his career path. From the very beginning he decided to connect his future with the automotive industry. Matt started his path with the Ford Motor Company in Michigan and worked there for 4.5 years as a Zone Manager.

    In 2007 he began his journey with Audi of North America as a Business Management Consultant at a Pied Piper Management Company LLC. His work there was stellar, so in 2007 he decided to shift gears and accepted the position of Vehicle Merchandising Manager at Audi of North America. Not long after Matt joined Audi, he became responsible for control of finances in 2016. After that Matt moved to Canada where he became a Chief Financial Officer of Audi of North America.

    Our project is growing bigger and we’re opening new offices and welcoming new members! And the fact that such an outstanding person decided to join us means a lot! With such a great team we will change the industry and create a new future for the automotive business!

    Our ICO is live now! The starting price of our ICO is 1 ETH = 20000 tokens + stage bonus (25% now). The total supply for the ICO is 600,000,000 tokens. We accept ETH, BTC, LTC and DASH as a payment method. The softcap is 3300 ETH and the hardcap is 23250 ETH. Don’t miss your chance to buy our tokens with the lowest price!

    If you have any questions don't hesitate to contact us, you can do this through the telegram channel ( ) where you will get support 24/7. Follow us in social media and visit our website to learn more about all the updates of our project:

  • VINchain ICO Opens to US Contributors

    We are excited to announce that participation in the VINchain Initial Coin Offering (ICO) is officially open to United States based contributors.

    Approximately one week ago the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) announced that it treats almost all Initial Coin Offerings (ICO’s) as securities. In a swift proactive response to this announcement, we had to temporarily limit the access of US residents in our ICO. We had set our sights on overcoming this hurdle by the third quarter of 2018, so we are overjoyed to be able to announce that VINchain token purchasing is open to the US market as of February 14th, 2018. We were able to accomplish this major goal as VINchain was concluded to be a utility token and not a security.

    VINchain tokens can be acquired here:

    VINchain tokens can be acquired with multiple currencies, including Ethereum (ETH), Bitcoin (BTC), Litecoin (LTC), and Dash (DASH).

    The ICO opened on February 1st, and will continue until April 15th of 2018. Purchased VINchain tokens will be distributed between April 16th and April 23rd.

    There’s never been a better time to get involved, with over 1,000,000 VINchain tokens sold already. The sooner you get involved, the greater bonus on top of your token purchase you will receive. We are currently in stage 2 of 7, which carries a corresponding bonus of 25% on top of your purchase (the current stage and bonus can be viewed anytime at US contributors on the waitlist will receive the full bonus that was available at the time of signup!

    One Ethereum (ETH) is equal to a base of 20,000 VINchain tokens, plus the bonus corresponding to the stage (+25% in stage 2), so currently one ETH purchases 25,000 VINchain tokens. Stages are progressed through when the specified amount of ETH is collected.

    Please read our detailed, step by step instructions on how to get involved in the VINchain ICO here:

    Many US-based contributors have been following our developments closely and are already excited to contribute, while others are hearing news of VINchain for the first time. VINchain offers a decentralized and secure vehicle history report built on the blockchain. This means that for the first time ever, consumers will be able to obtain reliable and transparent data on vehicles they are considering purchasing.

    This reliability and transparency comes from the data being attached to a blockchain-passport specific to the VIN of the vehicle. Information about the vehicle is accumulated from databases of all system participants, including auto manufacturers (OEMs), insurance companies, service stations, banks, leasing companies, the vehicle itself and more. This information can be aggregated into a report which is purchased with VINchain tokens.

    For more comprehensive and technical information, please consult the VINchain White Paper here:

    We’d love to chat and answer any questions or concerns you might have. For assistance, contact us on our Telegram at

    Please join the conversation on social media!

  • LIVE WEBINAR with VINchain CEO Alex Miles just started!
    Join the Webinar using this link
    Don't miss your chance to ask your questions to Alex Miles live! We will compare VINchain with other competitors. VinChain is creating a worldwide blockchain database of used vehicle information that is 100% transparent, reliable, and accessible by everyone.
  • 🎉 Results from the ICO 🎉

    Our ICO has finished and right now it’s time to calculate all the results! First of all we want to say thank you all for being with us all this time. It has been a pleasure to get to know all of you and we couldn’t be happier to have such a wonderful community!

    Our ICO has been held from the 1st of February till the 15th of April and during this time we have achieved great results! During the ICO we have sold 319,899,404 tokens! It would never been possible without you!

    110,000,000 tokens are reserved for the partner ABetterBid. They will invest a total of $2 mln over the course of two years, so for that entire duration the tokens will remain locked.

    4,298,994 tokens will be distributed for the bounty program! 16,749,355 tokens will be distributed for our affiliate program, thanks for all who take part!

    Total amount of tokens to be distributed:

    Total amount of tokens to be burned:

    All the tokens will be distributed within this week, we will make an announcement before that! We will be listed on exchanges 4 - 6 weeks after the ICO! Thank you all for being with us all this time!
  • How to Swap Your Tokens

    We are ready to distribute your tokens to all of you. In order for you to get your tokens everyone must first go through a token swap. This is a quick and easy procedure. Please take a few minutes to read the instructions carefully.


    Also, we have a small change in the amount of tokens burned. First of all, some people have paid straight on our wallet so we will send 1,480,765.225 tokens to them. Second, some people have been paying from an exchange and 102,552.1135 tokens will be sent to them. Some people forgot to enter the ETH address and 77,730 tokens will be used for them. So in total, we will have 840,108,901 tokens in total supply and 159,891,099 tokens will be burned.

    Read more:

    ✅ Video Tutorial:

    ✅ Written Instructions:

    - There is no time limit for the token swap
    - You will not lose your tokens if you do not do the token swap
    - Please remember to enable 2FA first
    - You can do the token swap from any wallet!!! (not just MyEtherWallet)
    - Even if you have imtoken or any other wallet, you still go to this link to create the signature

    ⚠️ ERRORS:
    - Zero token error: if your dashboard is showing you that you have 0 tokens in your wallet then don't worry, our dashboard will update tomorrow. Just wait and it will be fixed automatically
    - The source of the "invalid data" error that some are getting - its when you copy/paste between chrome tabs on MEW - it leaves in some space characters at the start of every line if you remove these FOR EVERY LINE it works

    - Ask the community, everyone is very helpful :)
    - send us an email at ( topic: I HAVE A PROBLEM WITH SWAP) with exact description of the problem that you have faced. We will get back ASAP, all the problems will be solved so stay calm!

    ⚠️ Please beware of scammers. Scammers impersonate admins by using our profile photos. A real Admin will NEVER privately message you first and will *NEVER* ask you to send money anywhere!

    🧐 Stay up to date on everything going on at VINchain and join our announcements channel:

    💵 Many of our contributors have been asking about compensating the early participants of the ICO. Read more about it here:

    📈 Exchanges:
    - We will be listed on exchanges by the end of May
    - We have yet to announce the exchanges that we will be listed on
  • VINchain is a member of NIADA - National Independent Automobile Dealers Association!

    Together we will change the industry forever!
    VINchain is happy to announce that we are now proud members of the largest and one of the most prestigious associations, NIADA - the National Independent Automobile Dealers Association and it has been serving quality independent dealers since 1946!

    Read more:
  • Interview with our CEO Alex Miles and Matt Carpenter - Chief Financial Officer of Audi of America and Audi Canada.

    Matt has a breadth of experience managing in the automotive industry. In this interview he is talking about his interest in the VINchain, his passion for the automotive industry, and his aim to create a better future! Matt describes the future of the project and how his participation will open new doors, give new perspectives, and opportunities for us! We are glad to have Matt on the team - a person who is as equally enthusiastic about VINchain as all of us!
    You can watch it here:
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