Issues with coinsquare

I have a few issues with coinsquare trading software

Each time I make a purchase it seems some “lag” in their system seems to be causing me inconvenience. FOR EXAMPLE

dogecoin at 0.0016 -> I go to purchase , cashes me out at 0.00195 price although at the time it displayed its market value at the 0.0016 at the time

When I go to sell, same thing only the opposite. Go to sell when shown at 0.0022, cashed me out 0.0017

Seems very convenient. I wonder where this discrepancy in funds is going. Although my timing and trade intention is fully accurate, I should be constantly profiting from the actions. Instead each time I am at a loss. Doesn’t seem to be changing.

I also have noticed - for example - today bitcoin cash was volatile. Way up and down. When I try to buy at the low - says “error generating your quote” then coincidentally when it’s high - quote seems to be generated.

These things seem very strange to me, this could easily be a function built into the software to pick up constant losses and discrepancies on a large scale from users. Please be cautioned.

I have sent multiple emails to both the support mail and admin however I receive nothing back. This is ongoing for me. Don’t be naive!


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