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Easy way to learn how to use Bitcoin and play around with them for free

CoinGuyCoinGuy Administrator
edited November 2017 in Bitcoin Projects
For some of us old timers, we remember when Bitcoin faucets were everywhere. The concept was free Bitcoins for clicking ads or watching videos. So were ad filled pages, we went to and fill in an address to get some free bits to play with.

Its been a while since I went to a faucet, so I decided to use one from when I first started. I headed to to see if it still works. To my surprise it does! Yes you heard me right, they are still giving away free bitcoin!

Mind you it as only 340 satoshis and this from waiting a couple of weeks since my last withdrawal. And without a you must wait a week for withdrawals. Nonetheless, this is a great way to get a couple of satoshis to play with, move coins wallet to wallet etc and not actually touch your own coins.

For those of you are also new, you can combine this with a wallet and get your bearings. It’s a simple wallet for small volumes...

Hope this helps you get into bitcoin easier....

I also appreciate you using this link to as I will receive a VERY small referral bonus.


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