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I bought Bch on and sold it 2 days later for a profit, but when I looked in my CAD account on the platform, the money wasn't there. There is a yellow arrow besides the trade. I contacted support they asked for a screen shot, after that I herd nothing from them and they have not reply to my emails in two days.


  • CoinGuyCoinGuy Administrator
    I know they prefer to go through support tickets. Did you create a support ticket?

    I have transacted many times with them, and even when there were delays with support, things were always resolved.
  • I've made so many mistakes on this site by popping numbers in to make calculations and no realizing that I was either creating orders or not closing them. They should have an 'open orders' section on the dashboard. Are you sure you don't have any open orders that would make it look like the CAD is just not there? Go to trade section and flip through each option in the right hand box for trade pairs, then manually scroll down and doublecheck 'My Open Orders'.

    They simply aren't being very transparent yet with BCH balances and trades.
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    Thanks @miner613 for providing this support on our behalf. You are indeed correct. @coinplug please visit the dashboard page to review your balance for your crypto and fiat holdings, if you don't see any balance then you may have withdrawn your funds. If that's the case, you can view and confirm this within your account history. Regards,
  • Thank you all for your reply.
    Everything mentioned as a resolution I had completed before contacting support. There is a record of the trade in my account history, but there is no record of withdrawal. My CAD account is at $0.00. Also no open trades currently for BCH/CAD. Was unable to trade this as a result for the last 10 hours.
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    @CoinGuy, up to yesterday email support was excellent, with responded with in minutes and extremely willing to resolve issues asap.
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