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CoinFest's Bitcoin Cash Policy

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edited November 2017 in Coinfest
congrats to those who made bank on Bitcoin Cash. CoinFest--the first and only decentralized convention for decentralized currency--had over 1.6 bitcoins in our global 3-of-6 multisig vault when the fork happened, and we're pleased to say we're still holding ours, too.

We're going to have to use most of it before April, though, to cover conference expenses (we plan to spend 1 BTC for every 1 BCH spent to keep it fair). If any of you guys can help us or point us in the right direction to set up a multisignature Bitcoin Cash wallet and get all of our BCH over there safely, we'd greatly appreciate it--forks like these put a lot of strain on our all-volunteer & non-profit organization.

Somebody has already sent us Bitcoin Cash unannounced, however, so we found some extra time and integrated BCH with our Transparency System. We created a fourth column on the transaction table stating which chain it occurred on. BTC and BCH balances are listed equally, with the order listing determined by highest market cap. May the best coin win :)


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