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Coinsquare experiences

joshbit1joshbit1 Member
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Hey, everyone, I'm a new member so my apologies if this has been discussed before. I looked at the archives and I saw a ton of mixed opinions and I'm still very unsure what the final verdict would be. I just want to have it all explored here.

What are you experiences with coin square?
The good
The bad

Lastly, have you been able to transfer your money without problem? I have seen a lot of posts where people were having issues but it seems to have gotten resolved. I am aware there is more traffic so it creates difficulty, but I just want to make sure I am on a safe, secure and honest platform where I will be able to cash out when the time is appropriate (I have no immediate plans to do so, in fact I intend to HODL with most my currencies).

Looking forward to your responses and thanks for accepting me into this community!


  • IMHO most issues were due to high work load with CS staff and impatience with people using them.
    I'd suggest you register with both - CS and QuadrigaCX and use both as they complement each other.
    CS allows you to trade coins to coins, QCX doesn't do it directly. Fees differ, timefrarmes differ etc...
  • CoinGuyCoinGuy Administrator
    @dubber09 I agree this is the best strategy :)
  • @dubber09 @CoinGuy Thanks for the quick response, so I assume you are able to sell on QuadrigaCX in Canada as well?
  • CoinGuyCoinGuy Administrator
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    QuadrigaCX is Vancouver based and has options to fund with fiat from and withdraw to Canadian banks.
  • Right now I rate them as bad.
    This is what happens 1hr after trading LTC.
    No balance available for withdraw to my personal wallet.
    I doubt if they have real coin on hand or just trading sth. they don't have.
    created a ticket, will update what happens here.

  • Let me guess, you funded your account with CAD, traded for LTC and want to withdraw?
    Is there a withholding period for your FUNDing (CAD) choice? If so, you have to wait exact number of time/days before you can withdraw the coins.
  • @skywalkerM weird, says I have an amount to withdraw. That is really odd, keep me updated.
  • dubber09dubber09 Member
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    You funded your account>made a trade> you have balance in LTC.
    Balance doesn't mean you can withdraw the coins avoiding withholding wait.
    Flexipin and Wire Transfer are the only options without withholding time.
  • As for 9PM pacific time. finally 0.39 balance shows up: less than 20% what I have on platform.
    Still no response from support.

  • Hi there, I researched here first about which exchange to open an account with in Canada. Last week I went ahead and opened up both a Coinsquare account and a QuadrigaCX account within the same hour. Well despite the negative things said about Coinsquare's response times, to my surprise, Coinsquare confirmed my account the next day and I was online and trading within a few days. They answered my emails very quickly (within the same day). I am extremely pleased with their service.

    QuadrigaCX on the other hand took an entire week just to verify my account. By that time, I had already opened my account with Coinsquare, wired money to it and started trading. This allowed me to get in on Bitcoin before the recent surge over the weekend.

    So overall I am very happy with Coinsquare! Not so happy with my QuadrigaCX experience.
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