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Difference in Litecoin Prices between Coinsquare and Coinbase

AleksbAleksb Member
edited December 2017 in Litecoin
Why is there such a difference in Litecoin Prices between Coinsquare and Coinbase. From today I transferred over ~2.3 worth of Litecoin. Coinbase value 1,099 CAD after fees over to Coinsquare $ 969 I lost well over $100 in the transaction. Can you please explain to me why that is?


  • jackasjackas Member
    edited January 2018
    Maybe this can help:

    Short answer: assuming you're not talking about network and exchange fees, the spread is due to the lack of currency control (which is actually one of the main reasons why crypto even exists in the first place). Differences in geography, volumes, and reputation greatly impact prices.

    Many so-called exchanges are just buying currencies from other exchanges, and resell it for a profit - even Coinbased used to buy from Bitstamp and resell it.
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