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XRP - Ripple



  • I am looking at purchasing some XRP but have yet to crack one major question I have had.

    When I finally receive verification with EzBtc and can then purchase XRP, what can I use for a wallet? I have setup, but it does not support XRP, nor does its integration with ShapeShift. Most posts I have read say to just purchase the Nano S hardware wallet, but what I am trying to find is a Jaxx-type solution that will enable me to store my XRP somewhere other than an exchange. In this case, EzBtc, or possibly BitStamp, but how do I get it out of there into a wallet. I don't to buy XRP than shift to another crypto, because I feel holding XRP is the best move right now.

    Any advice on a reliable XRP wallet?
  • Barry, i purchased the nano ledger and that's where I've stored it. I'm a new crypto investor. Wallets were my main concern. the nano stores erc20 coins and several others, and is cold storage. I don't know of any other wallet that I trust storing my xrp and other coins. Sorry I wish I could have been more help.
  • Hey Johnnyp, thanks for help. I think you're right, the Nano is the only route here. I tried Rippex Wallet, but it seems to be a bit of a mess.

    I have a thread I opened to seek a bit of advice. Would you mind taking a peek and seeing I am on the right track?

    I appreciate the assistance.
  • I have a left a message in your thread. I have just made another purchase of XRP. Too be honest , I have sunk my life savings into it and I'm no spring I am confident it will be $10.00 by end of January, if not more. 🤔 where am I getting my info from? Im banking on the old guy at the bank, he must know what hes talking about. I'm praying.
  • @apot did you end up getting a wallet for ripple? just set one up through toast and it literally took 5 mins.
  • Hey guys, my brother is using the toast wallet. Here's a question and forgive me if it's a stupid one. When I give my address out to receive ripple, do I have to generate a new one each time for different transactions in the toast wallet? I hope not !
  • @Brian84 ye I got the Rippex wallet. It is decent. I am actually liking Ripple a bit more (other than the price increase). I still don't like the fact that only financial institutions are the ones able to run a node.
  • Im unsure of how to properly use it, i originally installed the rippex wallet then uninstalled it cause it was confusing me and it simply looked like a blank window on my desktop
  • BruceWayneBruceWayne Member Plus
    I bought 4000 last month and got a 5 bagger on it when I remembered I did. Then I remembered my wallet from 2013 and had to jump through hoops for days to get it but had another 14000. Nothing like those moments when you realized you mined two ETH summer of 2016 and forgot about them or that you bought some XRP in 2013, the exchanges you had them on were absorbed by larger exchanges, or you pre-date a number of services so they *really* had to go far back. This is how you know it's a massive bubble; you bought shit so long ago you completely forgot about it, then "hey, I can buy a new car with this pocket change from 4.5 years ago"
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